February 5, 2019

Dice, Dice, Baby @ Mothership 2/2 – Halpert Q

THE SCENE: Gorgeous 38 degrees, sunny

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Given, no FNGs, no money involved, do not hurt yourselves


SSH x50 IC

Slowwwww Daisy Pickers x10 IC

Bat wings 

OYO for one min

Mosey yog out and back to stop at base of hill


11s on the hill

Start with 1 rep squats at top work up to 10

10 reps Carolina dry docks down to 1 at the bottom

Mosey for a loop around the lot, stop by shovel flags

Dice Dice baby

In a clockwise rotation, PAX will roll the dice one at a time.  Roller can call IC or OYO of the exercise and rep count rolled.

We went 18 dice rolls.  A LOT OF REPS WERE COMPLETED.

As we mosey’d post the 18th roll, @Nature Boy called for an audible.  QIC asked @Nature Boy to lead the men to his choice next exercise.

We found ourselves doing wheelbarrows with partners on about a 200 ft loop drive opposite the Fedex Event Center.

Next, we did an Indian run to the top of the hill.  Near the top, for the last 75 yrds, we changed to two by two partner bear crawls where the PAX got to learn a bit about their partner.  

Indian runs back to ENDEX for Mary time.


Alarm at 7:55am, immediate transition to 5 minutes of Mary

C-LO led us with Thor’s to 4×16

Dealers choice until time expires.

Pops – Flutter kicks IC x25

Hello Dollys IC x25



18 PAX (0 FNGs):  Nature Boy, Rosetta Stone, Stephen King, O Positive, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Anklet, C-Lo, Steinbrenner, Dial Up, Pops, Laettner, O’Reilly, Tremor, Passport, Orange Julius


Be present with your families, concentrica, wherever you are.  Don’t be caught on slack when you’re spending time with your wife.  Same with your kids.  F3 is important and we’re better men because of it, don’t let it distract you from what you’re primary responsibilities are, what you’re getting better for, who you’re getting better for.  God, Wife, Kids, Work – in that order.  F3 and anything else that you spend time on should be spent in such a way that honors God, your wife, and kids.


I’ll say it again – 35 minutes of dice rolls and reps is tough, I don’t care who you are.  Rosetta Stone is more of a PLC guy than a BC guy.  I kid, I kid, he had traffic issues and got to BC just in time to join us for Mary.

HC now for Crucible 3/30.  You can do this.  We can do more than we think we can when we have our brothers beside us.