April 2, 2019

Diamonds in the Rough

THE SCENE: Rolled in early to setup. Unfortunately, baseball field I wanted to use was locked up tight (Google Terrain doesn’t tell you that, or I just didn’t zoom in enough). Went to one of the available sandy fields. Temp: modest 42˚ Clear enough sky to see stars and one random vehicle in the parking lot (I ain’t scared).


I welcomed and disclaimed.
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC, Arm circles x 15 IC, Rev Arm circles x 15 IC, IW x 30 IC

Mosey to available ball field for 7 of Diamonds

  • ROUND 1 (4 corners at bases):
    7 Burpees OYO at each corner, Bear Crawl between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 2 (4 corners at first edge of outfield):
    14 Bobby Hurleys at ea corner, Bear Crawl between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 3 (4 corners at midway into outfield):
    21 Merkins at ea corner, Sprint between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 4 (4 corners at outfield fence):
    28 Smurf Jacks at ea corner, Sprint between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 5 (back to 4 corners at midway into outfield):
    35 Lunges (Audible 1=1) at ea corner, Sprint between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 6 (back to 4 corners at first edge of outfield):
    42 Squats at ea corner, Bear Crawl between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
  • ROUND 7 (back to 4 corners at bases):
    49 SSH (or LBCs) at ea corner, Bear Crawl between corners, hold Al Gore til All-In
    ALMOST made it, but Four Eyes alerted YHC to time so we finished out at 2nd base and moseyed back to Startex

Nah. No time.

7 PAX:  Moth Balls (AOQ), Photoshop (QiC), Four Eyes, Old Man Hitch, Lodge, Low Note + 1 FNG Tuco (1 Irish Goodbye)


“Why do You Love Your Wife?”

Don’t think too hard; just answer in one or two phrases. I’m going to wager you picked from a couple of general themes. Maybe you love her because of something she does for you: She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She makes you feel strong. She lifts you up. She’s godly. She’s, well, fun in bed.

Or you love her because it’s expected: You know it’s the right thing to do. After all, Paul said, “Husbands, love your wives” (Eph. 5:25).

Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. The first motivation capitalizes on her performance. The second focuses on your obligation. Both reasons are COMMON. And both reasons eventually run out of steam.

As men, we tend to love shiny gadgets. We crave the latest and greatest. So when the shine wears off a man’s bride, it’s no wonder we are tempted to pine for an upgrade. You may not pursue another woman, but if your primary motivation for loving your wife is her performance, at times, you secretly hope your wife will change. You may even drop some not so subtle hints:

“You working out today?”
“Remember when you wore a bikini?”
“I love the way Deron’s wife talks about him to others.”

Paul calls us to love our wives as Christ loves the church, but then Paul gives us the motivation – because one day Jesus will present the bride back to God (Eph. 5:26-28).

I’m guessing when Paul wrote this phrase, he might have read Ezek.16:8-14 that morning. God never loved Israel because of how she looked in the mirror or her impressive resume. God’s bride blossoms after the wedding day and becomes more beautiful and splendid over time, not because she “worked out” or “aged gracefully,” but because God loved her into radiance. If a man views the wedding day as the height of his bride’s beauty, then he will never love like Jesus. He’ll constantly be comparing what was rather than anticipating his role in what could be. For Jesus, the wedding day was simply the start of a lifelong extreme makeover designed to advance his bride to royalty.

When we love someone based on their performance: what they say, how they act, how they look, eventually they will let you down. None of us are perfect, and if you’re honest you long to be respected and loved by your wife because of you who are, not what you do or how you look. Trust me, as you get older, the mirror will become far more revealing than appealing. Performance driven relationships are exhausting.

When we love based on obligation, eventually marriage transforms into a cold union. Duty without a sense of glory always leads to drudgery. And drudgery always leads to death. It may not be the death of a marriage, but many marriages experience the death of intimacy. They married a soulmate, but ended up with a roommate.

Why do you love your wife? If it’s because of how she makes you feel or because it’s your duty, you’ll end up with a COMMON marriage. But if you want to be UNCOMMEN, love your bride as Christ loved the Church – who saw the glory in one day presenting his bride back to His heavenly father – even more beautiful than the day they got hitched.

1. Hitch accepted offer on house
2. Mothballs selling house. He and M are needing to decide where to live next. Pray for them to find a common ground on where that is and what will bless their family the most.
3. Four Eyes offered a house that could work as an office. Pray for wisdom and boldness.

Don’t know where my head was today, but thanks to Hitch and Four Eyes for the assists when I strayed from how we do things and for time keeping. Thanks to Moth Balls for inviting me to Q and for the great PLC.