December 22, 2020

Devonta Smith for Heisman!

Cool, crisp morning. Perfect for all of the Fs. Wide Right was present. Captain O was excited.

Cheez and I came across what seemed to be some teenaged ne’er do wells on our pre-ruck, but that’s a story for another time.


Given. Modify as necessary, but not UNTIL necessary.
Motivators, down from 6

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

Daisy Pickers 10x IC

Arm Circles front/back 15x each IC

Moseyed to the Johnson Rd entrance to the park, where I explained that in honor of Wide Right returning, today’s workout was inspired by Devonta Smith, soon-to-be 2020 Heisman trophy winner.

Modified Route 66 – Did not increase by one rep at each light pole, did 6 reps (Devonta’s jersey #) at all 11 poles

  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats

Mosey back to the bottom of Tumbledon hill

17x (number of TDs Devonta scored this season) up the hill, varying modes of transport. 6 burpees at the top. Jog back down, and No Surrenders until all in.

  • Sprint
  • Bearcrawl
  • Crabwalk
  • Backpedal

We made it through 16, before we ran out of time, so the last touchdown will just have to go uncelebrated.

No time.

6 PAX: Lochte (AOQ, QIC), Cheezsteak, Captain Obvious, Wide Right, Hoya, Bo Peep

As this year of unusual circumstances rolls into the holiday season, it will be tempting to feel sorry for yourself, and all of the normal holiday traditions that you are unable to do for the first time in years. Instead, take the opportunity to be thankful for those that you have around you. There are thousands  and thousands of people around the world (some of our F3 brothers included) who would give anything to be able to do a socially distant/quarantined Christmas with loved ones that they have lost this year.

For those not familiar, Devonta Smith is an American football player for the University of Alabama. He plays wide receiver, and catches touchdown passes. He is very good at what he does. My motives for the workout inspiration were not entirely genuine. I placed a small wager on Mr. Smith to win the Heisman back in October. A move that could pay off handsomely in the coming weeks.

Kotters to Wide Right. He received the Rover mallet this morning for his first time out in nearly a year. He apparently has been doing a lot of Orange Theory this year, and as such, was up at the front for the Route 66 portion. But there is nothing at Orange Theory (or any gym, really) that can help get you ready for hill sprints and burpees.

Bo Peep is going for his 345 this week, and will have to make the trip out to Neverland on Friday, as they are the only ones open on Christmas.

Cheezsteak paid off (most of) his LLP burpees during PLC. Subsequent ruling has determined that he still owes 20 more, so we will wait on the vidoe of those.

The Bauer: 24 hours straight of workouts coming up on 1/15.

Workout Date: