August 29, 2019

Devil’s Staircase Dora Style with Doc

THE SCENE: A beautifully cool morning (Come on fall weather!!) at The Ruins with Doc Hollywood as QIC

SSH (IC) x 36 (I think…cannot be sure since I arrived late, but the PAX in attendance provided a punctual start at 5:30am), WINDMILLS (IC) x10, IMPERIAL WALKERS (IC) x15, HILLBILLIES (IC) x15, DAISY PICKERS (IC) x10, POLKA STRETCH (IC) x10

Mosey on upper side walk and descended to base of North Riverside staircase–the one with 5 flights and 4 landings (…can you sense the foreshadowing?)

Devil’s Staircase Dora style.  One partner does staircase while other partner does various exercises (see below), and they accrue total # of reps in succession with each other (“Dora style”).  Staircase: PAX ascends the 5 flights of stairs, and then on descent stops on each landing for burpees.  Option 1: Descending # of burpees with each flight (4th flight=4 burpees, 3rd flight=3 burpees, etc.) OR Option 2: Modify to 1 burpee at each landing.  Exercises at bottom of staircase with dora style rep count:

  • Bear Crawl 2-step / Bear Shuffle x 100 (assume bear crawl position but PAX takes only one step forward with both arms and legs, and then one step backward to starting position=1 rep)
  • Reverse Lunges x 150 (step back into lunge with alternating legs, each pair=1 rep)
  • Gorilla Shuffle / Monkey Side Step x 150 (from standing position lean forward and place both palms on the ground offset to L or R of feet–like a gorilla or monkey might do–and then shuffle feet in the same direction to offset on the other side of the planted palms, then shuffle back to the original starting side, each shuffle=1 rep, both directions =2 reps)
  • Overhead Arm Presses…AKA “Raise the Roof” for those Gen Xers out there (flex both elbows and place backs of both hands on top of shoulders, extend elbows with hands reaching all the way to the sky, each press=1 rep)

Slingshot run (aka Indian run, Native American run, First Nations run) across Riverside to Tom Lee Park…and then loop around back to base of Devil’s Staircase bc a PAX who shall remain nameless forgot his phone in the grass.  It might have been the Q…

Ascend the staircase or the grassy hill to upper sidewalk and mosey back to Startex.

9 PAX in attendance: Havarti, Dawson, Chiocetti, TLC, Teacher’s Pet, Altar Boy, Mirrors, Four Eyes, Doc Hollywood
C.S.Lewis: “Friendship starts at the moment when one person says to another, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one…”  I was encouraged this week to see other PAX sharing on Slack how they had reached out to or been reached out to by F3 members in times of struggle and need.  We are made for community and relationship, and I need brothers (in F3, at work, in my family, in my community) to encourage me, challenge me, help smooth my rough edges, and keep me accountable.  #IronSharpensIron
Chioccetti apparently thinks he has copyright law for naming any exercise, even if it’s not in the F3 Exicon.  In an effort to maintain unity and promote brotherhood, I let him have his say.  Plus, I was a tad bit late to show up for my own Q, so I guess I forfeited some freed-to-lead rights.
Nothing notable