November 27, 2017

Detour 2.0 – Stagefright

Warmorama: SIMS: 10x SSH, 10x Imperial Walkers, 10x Merkins, 10x Squats.

Rinse & Repeat

30 seconds stretch what ails ya.

Q told story about climbing a tree with a cousin who asked the question, “you don’t like to do hard things, do you?” That question is haunting. We should do hard things.

– Line up by height. Form 2 columns.

Jog to Levitt Shell: Last pair 5xMerkin Indian Run. We detoured around the north side of the park because Q got a little confused and didn’t take the direct route. Sorry not sorry.

 Fire Team Carry:  (two pairs = 4 men) carry 1 pax to top of amphitheater (3 carry 1), all run back to stage.Repeat until all have been carried.


P1 4×4’s (4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers, jump up), repeat until P2 returns.

P2 run up amphitheater to deck, 5 Turk-Burps, run down to tag partner.

Each pax cycle through until alarm at 6:02.

 Return Mosey: In the early ruck this morning, Heavyweight spotted a big freshly cut log. We stopped on the way back to move it into the woods for later use. Stay tuned, he is on Q Wednesday… We arrived back in the parking lot at 6:15.

WOD: James 1, Let steadfastness have its full effect that you may be perfect and complete. Persist, and know that God is holding up his end of the deal to make you more perfect and more complete. You can do more than you’d think, especially when you are encouraging others and encouraged by others.

 COT: Pray for Teacher’s Pet’s cousin, Matt. Pray for Foureyes’ meeting with property owner about a service project today. Pray for Slick Billy taking the LSAT this Saturday.

Moleskine: Making the long trip to the Shell is a little arduous, but it’s an AWESOME place to put in work together. Thanks for making the jog. Honored to have Roga, Globetrotter, Tater, Uncle Cosmo, and Pre ring the “first bell” with us this morning!