October 29, 2018

Descending 2-Miler

THE SCENE:  Brisk morning but made much warmer by the HIM at the Berm



Daisy Pickers – 20 IC

Big Leg Circles – 15 Each OYO

2-mile countdown of descending pearls

Mosey .20       50 Squats IC

Mosey .20       45 Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey .20       40 LBC OYO – Plank until all-in

Mosey .20       35 Merkins IC

Mosey .20       30 Curls w/Coupons IC (Bonused to 60)

Mosey .20       25 Lunges (Each Side) OYO Low Plank until all-in

Mosey .20       20 Imperial Walkers (Each Side) IC

Mosey .20       15 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO.  Canoe until all in

Mosey .20       10 Burpees OYO

Mosey .20.      5 each – low curls, high curls, full curls, squats, and skull crushers

Mosey back for Mary

2 rounds of Guantanamo


11 PAX ( 0 ) FNGs – High Heels (Willie Loman – Knoxville), Bailout(VQ), Tomb Raider, The Dude, Judah, Yardsale, Searcy, Photoshop, Laettner, Gus, Shoestring

Prisoners for the Lord – Ephesians 4:1 begins with, As a Prisoner for the Lord…

Paul was literally imprisoned…what is your prison?

No matter the prison, he urges us to… ”live a life worth of the calling we have received.”

Prayers for Pittsburgh, Young Girl with Siezures and Praise for F


The pace this morning was pushed by a few PAX in better shape than YHC.   We ran at a 7:30 pace between the pearls.  Loved the Mumblechatter as we worked through the OYO work and the runs.   Appreciated Shoestring and Gus coming out for VQ, along with all the regular Bermers .


Still need volunteers for MAM fitness test administration next Sat from 10-2

Eli Grow Ruck/Race – check slack for details

Flag Placement at Veterans Cemetery a week from Sunday 2-5pm