June 2, 2020

Delayed Gratification at the AOQ-Free Annex

Picture a man, a robot vacuum man. Sitting in a car. It’s 0600. No one is there. He swears gently and prepares to wait in solitude because he forgot we were going to start at 0615, to let people travel after the curfew expired. The sun is already out and it feels nice. Like very early spring, not the onset of flop sweater weather. I hate the heat.


A bit rusty, but handled. I made sure they knew I wasn’t going to pay them at any point. Re-extended to a few late entries.

Memphis hasn’t lost all order. We still have rules. We start with SSH.
20 IW IC
20 Arm circles Fwd
20 Arm circles Rev
15 Windmills
15 Daisy Pickers

Because I’m on an Expanse series kick right now, I’m calling this a Wide-berth Orbital Slingshot Circuit.
It’s AMRAPS in station form, but the stations form a horn around a pallet stack that the Annex now has in the parking lot for some reason.
The 6 stations are my exercise dice that I threw about 3 meters apart around the pallet stack. PAX start spread out 1 to a station for social distancing purposes, then work their way through the exercises prescribed on the dice, then move on to the mosey part, running past two parking lot islands and back around to the start of the horn, repeating ad nauseum (means until you puke).

God, I love MS Paint. Every 10 minutes YHC would reshuffle the die. Did I mention we were listening to Ska? Pacing is hard. Ska helps to pick it up.
Along the way, we were treated to a vintage bottle of 100% Annex cultivated whine. JetBlue did a great job of filling in for Gun Show in terms of insubordination, criticism, and overall belly aching (as if the crunches and sit up weren’t belly aching enough). No Water breaks on any of the 18 or so rolls, a new record for the Nerd Q.

Mary stopped by for 2 minutes and picked up 15 flutter kicks and some toe reaches.

5 – Jet Blue, Tremor, Couch Potato, Paper Cut, Roomba (YHC/QIC/Defacto AOQ),

Everything has been trying to kill us for 5 months. I don’t know about you, but YHC is outraged out. Arguing on the internet to people who won’t shift their opinion is like screaming into the void. Be patient and put your energy, when you do have it, into something that protects someone you love, or can make a difference.

Prayers were lifted for peace for our communities and the health of everyone in this pandemic.

This Q was volunteered for pretty last minute, and for a while it looked like I was only gonna get maybe 1 or 2 attendees, but even if I was going to be alone in the gloom, not letting circumstances get in the way of maintaining the things that are important and dear to us was enough to get me out of the fartsack this morning. I’m glad to have the turnout and some of that sometimes completely rediculous but soul-satisfying mumblechatter back in my life. Tremor’s presence always makes me want to challenge myself and others a bit harder. It was good to see Couch Potato and hear that he missed the Annex as much as I did. and I’m glad to have met Paper cut and am glad that he’s attending more. It’s good to see a Kotter back.

Curfews are affecting AOs, making some start later (hence the title of this BB), check the slack announcements and AO-specific channels to see when your AO will meet.
Also, bring an FNG to the Annex. Grimace has to do 100 Merkins for each one brought in June. Make the purple burger man suffer!

Workout Date: