February 27, 2018

Deflated but not defeated.

The Lair: Gloomy. 46 +/- something degrees


*SSH x 26 IC
*Imperial Walkers (PAX moving as a unit literally walking in a circle; x 13 IC clockwise. Pause. Resume but x13 IC counter-clockwise
*Hillbillies (also PAX moving as a unit walking in a circle; x13 IC clockwise. Pause. Resume but x13 IC counter-clockwise
*Merkins x26 IC

Mosey to multi-purpose field while doing Donkey Kicks the whole way

Part 1

PAX sprint to 10 yard line then back to Goal Line. Sprint to 20 then back to goal line. Sprint to 30 then back to goal line

*SSH x26 IC

*More Suicides:
PAX sprint to 40 yard line then back to Goal Line. Sprint to 50 then back to goal line. Sprint length of the 100 yard field. Mosey back.

Part 2

*Lineman Drive:
2 PAX  per rotation would carry a 42 pound case of bottled water/each from the goal line to the 50 yard line. Set the water down. Sprint to the opposite goal line. Perform 5 burpees. Sprint back to 50 yard line. Pick up the case of water. Sprint to the goal line. Perform 10 burpees. 2 new PAX would begin once the case of water was placed at the goal line of STARTex. PAX not carrying water would perform squats AMRAP and the when last 2 PAX went the remaining PAX performed Jump Squats AMRAP until all in.

Part 3

*Carry the Rock:
**Each PAX was designated a coupon (stump, cooler, jerry can) to carry that was best correlated to size of PAX
**One by one with YHC in lead the PAX would run holding their coupon ‘rock’ to 10 yard line…shuffle right…go to 20 yard line…shuffle left…go to 30 yard line. Finish pattern, increasing distance by 10 yard increments until reaching end zone on opposite end of field.
**PAX peformed Burpees x 5/ea OYO
**Rinse and repeat retunring back to STARTex

*SSH x 26 IC

Part 4

*Q-B Shuffle:
1 by 1 the PAX would lead this exercise for 20 seconds on average.  All PAX in a line facing Q-B with the Q-B holding a football in his hand held high. Q-B would call out and move the football in 1 of 4 directions: back, front, left, right.  Q-B and PAX all doing non-stop high knees.
**Back=backpedal away from the Q-B
**Front=move towards the Q-B
**Left=move left
**Right=move right

Part 5

*(Insert your favorite running back here then name this exercise routine after him):
YHC led the PAX on a full field length running excursion all around the field, sideline to sideline and end zone to end zone.

Part 6

*Deflate Gate:
1 by 1 the PAX would throw the football as far as possible then sprint to retrieve the ball and bring it back then toss to the next PAX to do the same. PAX performed Squat during routine.


BBSU x 26 IC (while holding coupon)


6; C-Lo, Reboot, Anklet, Brady, Bombay and O Positive (YHC)

Leadership is fluid and vital to sustainable nature of F3.  VAPE session was a huge hit and there are big things in store for F3 Memphis as it readies itself, ever so humbly, to earn Region status. New leaders are set to emerge; namely, C-Lo will assume AO-Q duties for the lair effective 3/15/18.  PAX prayers lifted up.



Exciting things in store for 2018. Great to see Anklet back with us today.

Service project this coming weekend. Follow website for deets.