January 19, 2018

Deck of Death Comes to Dova

THE SCENE: 25° with some black ice and snow still left in the parking lot

Welcome to F3

I am not a professional

You are here on your own accord

Modify exercises if you need to but push yourself as much as possible

You are not competing against me or anyone else out here – just you vs. you

The goal is to get better



15 Forward Arm Circles IC (slowly)

15 Backward Arm Circles IC (slowly)

15 Mountain Climbers IC

15 Squats IC

Deck of Death is a routine done with a deck of playing cards where each suit is an exercise and each card dictates the number of reps you do of that exercise all the way up to an Ace being 14 reps.

For the Dova version, we did the following:

  • Hearts = Dips
  • Diamonds = Box Jumps
  • Spades = Merkins
  • Clubs = Burpees
  • For cards lower than 5, we did the following:
  • 4 = Sprint 200 yards
  • 3 = Crab Walk 75 yards / Lunge Walk 75 yards
  • 2 = Bear Crawl 75 yards / Lunge Walk 75 yards
  • Joker = 50 SSH IC

We made it through 29 cards = 54% of the deck

 Card Type % of deck Number completed
 Hearts (Dips) 21 47
 Diamonds (Box Jumps) 21 31
Spades (Merkins) 28 64
Clubs (Burpees)  31 59
4 (Sprint 200 yards) 7 2 sprints (400 yards)
3 (Crab Walk / Lunge Walk) 3  1 (75 yards of each)
2 (Bear Crawl / Lunge Walk) 7 2 (150 yards of each)
Joker (50 SSH IC) 0 0

10 Flutter Kicks IC

10 Freddie Mercurys IC

10 Rosalitas IC

6 PAX endured the Deck of Death – Slots, Cowbell, Moneyball, Bootheel, Rabbit, Dirty Deeds (FNG)
Today’s lesson was focused on a Devotion Rabbit recently read from a book called “Guts, Grace and Glory.”  The phrase that really struck Rabbit was “player of the week”.  The NFL has an Air and Ground player of the week award each week and it is for the player that excelled the most that week. While that is great, we are not going to do something like that most weeks and that’s ok.  Rabbit shared how we don’t have to do something outrageous like score 3 touchdowns or throw for 400 yards to be the “player of the week”.  The main thing we need to do is to be consistent and be that “player of the week” for our M (wife), our 2.0s (children), our co-workers, friends and those others who God has placed in our path.  When we are consistent in our walk with the Lord, we WILL be that “player of the week” for those who matter most in our lives.  Rabbit challenged the PAX to be that player of the week throughout each day and look for opportunities to help others do and live the same way.

6 PAX came out eager and ready to go this morning.  This was the biggest showing for Dova to-date and the PAX worked hard in the gloom.  FNG Dirty Deeds was the first one in the parking lot and worked hard the entire time.  The PAX was unaware they were spared of the Jokers!  😉   Well done Dova men!
Prayers for Dirty Deed’s wife, Rachel who has been battling a rare illness for the past 5 months, for Soybean’s mom, for Dirty Deed’s cousin Jacob and for Rabbit’s brother-in-law.