October 12, 2018

Deck and Run at the Annex

THE SCENE: 52*, dark, gloomy


SSH x20, IW x10, Hillbilly x10, Windmill x10, Daisy Picker x10, High Knees and Butt Kickers for ~30 seconds each – Mosey around the .25 mi loop on the North end of the park

YHC decided to break out his F3 Workout Deck for the first time. To get the biggest bang for our buck, I took the liberty of removing all 2-7 cards. All face cards are 25 reps, Aces are 100. The below is mostly correct, but the memory is a little cloudy.

Round 1 (led by YHC):
Ranger Merkin – 9 IC
Mountain Climber – 25 IC
Flutter Kick – 50 IC
Something else? – 10 IC? Who really knows?

Mosey .25 mi loop

Round 2 (led by Slots):
Burpee – 25 OYO
Calf Raise – 50 IC
Plank Jack – 25 IC
Rosalita – 10 IC

Mosey .25 mi loop

Round 3 (led by Grimace):
Carolina Dry Dock – 9 OYO
Merkin – 8 IC
Low, Slow Squat? – 9 IC
Something else? – 25 IC (probably)

Mosey .25 mi loop (that makes one whole mile!)

Round 4 (YHC):
Monkey Humper – 25 IC (the worst!)
Shoulder Tap – 25 IC
Smurf Jack – 25 IC

MARY: That was Round 4, silly goose!


Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed.” 

I’ve been battling a lack of motivation and general laziness the last couple of weeks. This has led to feelings of depression and disappointment in myself as I’m not living up to my own expectations. I’ve been able to share that struggle with my F3 brothers, and have been very encouraged from their counsel. 

I believe all men go through periods of feeling insufficient for their tasks, and we can feel hopeless because we try to take it all on alone. The Amateur tries to pull up his bootstraps and grind it out, which leads to burnout, failure, and isolation. The Pro builds proximate relationships with other men who he can lean on when times get tough. When men are in community with other men, they can pull each other up through the peaks and valleys of life. You can build those relationships outside of F3, but for me, struggling together under a log or doing burpees is the ideal place to build trust and mutual respect.

+ Shout-out to Slots and Grimace for helping to lead. Slots’ enthusiasm is unrivaled. Grimace wears a weight vest and shouts “I can’t hear you!” during cadence. True HIMs.
+ Shout-out to the FNGs! Beautiful Mind is a college student who plays soccer, so he was basically yawning the whole time. MTV and Third Wheel (RESPECT!) put in serious work.
+ TCLAPs to Boba Fett (RESPECT!) for getting and staying after it
+ Shout-out to Speedy for running a tight ship and always providing refreshments. The Aldi cold brew was great.
+ Shout-out to Footlong for getting mobile after knee surgery – prayers for recovery.
+ The deck was fun, and it’s pretty easy to modify to fit whatever your needs are. They have a dexicon site describing all exercises. 

Camping tonight
Billy Blanks is having a yard sale to fund his family’s adoption Friday and Saturday – go buy some bric-a-brac!