November 7, 2018

Decisions, decisions

    • Warm 56* and RAIN???

    • Rotating clockwise, each PAX will decide whether, and at what tempo, to Q 5 reps in cadence of the exercise or to give a 5 count rest. If the Thang has not been completed by 0605, there will be a penalty movement back to STARTEX before Mary.
      • WARM-O-RAMA:
        • 100x IC SSH (I didn’t even think this was possible until Shoestring Q’d this at the Morg)
        • Sprint to pavilion
      • THA-THANG:
        • 100x IC Bodybuilders
        • 100x IC Picnic Table Rows
        • 100x IC Merkins
        • 100x IC Picnic Table Squats
        • Penalty movement: Crabwalk back to STARTEX (~750 meters)
      • MARY:
        • 100x 10x IC Flutterkicks

  • 7 PAX (0 FNGs) + 1 Cujo for pre-BC ruck: Choker, BAM!, Mr. Wonderful, Sleep Number, Commie, Woodpecker & Granola
  • 12 PAX (1 FNG) for BC:  Choker, Mr. Wonderful, Sleep Number, Commie, Woodpecker, Photoshop, Carport, Potiphar (FNG), Orange Julius, Wall builder, Rosetta Stone, & Granola (QIC)
    • This was yet another GrowRuck12-inspired Q: taking a discouragingly-high rep range, breaking it down into more manageable bites, with looming punishment hanging over our heads should we fail to meet the standard.

      I also wanted to convey a lesson Cadre Kevin shared with us–something to the effect of “Just make a decision. If it’s the wrong one, make another decision until you start making the right decisions. To not make a decision is both a decision in itself and a vote for the status quo.”

      This hit home for me because I am a notoriously TERRIBLE decision maker. I overthink. I hem. I haw. I fail to take action. I stress out. I stress others out. I am usually dissatisfied with my final decision. And on it goes.

      I wanted today’s Q to give each of us the opportunity to experience a relatively low-risk decision crucible: “Can I even Q 5 more reps? Even if I can, can my brother next to me? Does he need a break? Will he call a break if he needs one? Will someone else call a break if I need one? Will we miss our time hack if I call for a break? What will the punishment be? Could it be worse than enduring more reps of this exercise?”

      Hopefully, this mental exercise encouraged reflection on how we make decisions so we can avoid analysis paralysis.


    • Prayed for Rabbit, Ramrod, Bootheel, and Green Monster.
    • Sleep Number was none too interested in the unnamed penalty movement and did everything he could to speed up the counts. Sadly, we did not meet our time hack.
    • Rosie (Rosetta Stone) for the early starsky, showing up at 0610 as we were all suffering the penalty crab walk back to STARTEX. While some folks just skip the workout altogether when late, he made the effort to show up. T-claps to you my friend.
    • Great meeting Photoshop, who took our outstanding ruck pic.
    • Potiphar HC’d for today’s workout Sunday AND SHOWED UP. T-Claps!
    • Phenomenal Coffeeteria with Commie, Mr. Wonderful, Choker, and Rosie. We stayed so long we even saw Flobee and met his M.
    • We need Q’s. Please step up and Q.