August 8, 2020

Day 75

Rolled up about 6:30 and got a good view of the hill. Knowing what we were about to do I smiled. Coming around the bend were a few guys wearing backpacks and they looked all sweaty. Bunch a weirdos if you ask me.


SSH x 20 IC

Men’s Health Merkin Circle

Men’s health Squat Circle

Mosey around the lot.

Dora Day

Round 1:

Start at the top of the hill. Partner takes the weight down the hill. And bear pulls the weight back up the hill. While the other partner reps

75 Burpees

150 Curls

225 Overhead Press

Mosey to Start X

American Hammers x 25

LBC x 25

Mosey to the benches in front of center.

Round 2:

Dora – Decline MerkinS while partner crabwalks to ledge and does 15 box jumps mosey back

mosey back to start x

A core workout that I can’t remember x 20

Box Cutter x 20

Round 3:

Slingshot Run from start X to the first parking lot back through riverside to start X

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

Boat Canoe

Guantanamo Bay

Catalina Wine Mixer

19 Pax no FNGs

It’s so simple, but so hard. Be a man of your word. When you say you are going to do something do it. When you say you won’t, don’t.
I personally believe the word “should” is an incredibly insidious word. We tell ourselves “I should do this, I shouldn’t do that…” in reality that’s just us allowing ourselves to have an escape route. Instead the challenge is to say, “I will do this. I won’t do that.”

A lot of guys came out for their 345 so I was happy to help them achieve that. I was able to complete the first workout of my last day. My shield lock chipped in and bought me a ruck. Guess they were tired of my weight vest. F3 is an awesome community and I’m proud to know all of the men that I have known through it.

Armory is starting a Tuesday BC. It’ll be a normal one. IPC for the Barracks will be Monday’s.

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