February 16, 2021

Dashing through the snow


3 Degrees with a windchill of colder. I had on 5 upper layers (compression layer, thermal shirt, hoodie, and dual layer ski jacket). On my drive in I saw Hobo rucking (70#) in the middle of the street (beast). Picked him up and we drove into the lot at Turd Ferguson Park. Grimace and Papercut were finishing up a Pre Run (studs).


It’s cold, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.


  • Motivators from 7 IC
    • Speedy arrived on foot at about 4
  • Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
  • Tempo Squats x 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 5 IC
    • Hobo groaned as he hates this exercise. I assume because it’s more of a stretch and he likes to go hard. Cut it to 5 reps.
  • Quick mosey around the parking lot


Last night Hobo messaged me and asked me if my Q was going to be fun. Honestly I hadn’t prepared a weinke yet, so I told him I would somehow incorporate 2 sleds. Sounded fun?!? Decided that I would wing it (Billy Blanks Style) and see what happened. Here’s what played out.

Moseyed to the church hill, behind the pavilion. Paper Cut suggested this hill since it was steeper.

  • 11’s on the Church Hill
    • Start at the bottom of the hill with 1 Burpee.
    • Run up the hill and do 10 Squats.
      • We had 2 sleds so whoever finished first, got to ride them down.
      • Whomever finished first on the bottom got to drag them back up.
      • This worked out well as we had 5 Pax and rotated fairly well through each of the sleds.
      • Some kids had built a jump the previous day and Hobo got some air. Speedy and Grimace plowed through it.
      • Speedy tried to ride the long sled down the hill standing up, Teen Wolf surf style. He took an epic tumble and ended up with snow down his crack.
    • Continued until we completed 10 Burpees at the bottom and 1 Squat up top.

Moseyed back to the parking lot.

  • Sled Dog Races
    • We split into 2 groups.
      • Hobo, Papercut, and Me on the turtle shell sled.
      • Grimace and Speedy on the long sled.
    • Took turns pulling each other back and forth down the parking lot. The person on the sled did flutter kicks while the others pulled them.
      • Speedy commented that pulling Grimace was more fun than pulling a tire.
      • Papercut and I were pulling Hobo so fast that he said we were going faster than his SUV. We were rolling, full sprint on the snow.
      • Hobo and Papercut had no problem pulling me and I actually thought I would get ejected, but held on for my life as I got slung around.
    • We pulled out Hobo’s 70# ruck and put it on the sled.
    • While one person pulled the sled to the Light pole and back the rest of the group was doing AMRAP exercises. (HUMAN TIMER)
    • When the person pulling the sled got back, they chose the next exercise.
    • We did the following
      • Merkins
      • LBCs
      • Jungle Boy Squats
      • Flutter Kicks
      • Burpees
      • Pickle Pounders
        • Hobo commented that he noticed he wasn’t going as high up on his pickle pounders as some of the other PAX. Speedy made a comment that maybe it was his muscle memory from when he performed the exercise with his (Hobo’s) M. We all agreed that if we saw others doing pickle pounders in the future and they were (half-assing) them, then it can be assumed that they are working with a smaller package.
    • Grimace made a perfect snow angel.


She didn’t show, as it was colder than a witches tit in a brass bra, doing merkins in the snow.

Image result for cold as witches teat gif

5 Brave souls: Grimace, Hobo, Landline (QIC), Paper Cut (AOQ), Speedy

My mother always used to say: The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.Betty White (Golden Girls)

Don’t be afraid of getting older. The older version of yourself will always be a better version of yourself, as long as you keep accelerating in all 3 F’s.

Everyone commented on how much fun this Q was. We all felt like kids playing in the snow. Prayed for those without power, those who are stuck at home unable to drive anywhere, and those who dare to venture out and drive on the streets.

We talked about Ken Block and his hooning abilities during PLC. Grimace did an epic donut in his truck pulling out of PLC in the turd parking lot. I was challenged to do the same, but I’m fairly certain that it was not nearly as good.

way subaru GIF

1 Shirtless Burpees for the Tentpole for every PAX that posts Mon – Thurs this week. (53 on Monday, 29 today) Payment at Six Wicket this Friday.

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