November 3, 2018

Dark Tennis Court Speed Work

THE SCENE: Crisp and clear morning — Speedy was bundled up.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Roused the PAX with an enthusiastic welcome and disclaimer.

Warmed up in all the right places

Tennis Court – our chosen AO within the AO

  • Round 1 – sprint sideline, low shuffle baseline around the perimeter of court X 4
  • Round 2 – 11’s (Merkins + Squat Jumps)
  • Round 3 – NFL Pro Agility between two tennis courts X 4
  • Round 4 – Broad jump length, crab walk baseline, duck walk length, bear crawl baseline X 2
  • Round 5 – Burpee ladder – start with 1 burpee on baseline, sprint to net, backpedal back to baseline…rinse and repeat increasing number of burpees performed each round by one

Dealers Choice:
1 – Boba Fett = 20 LBC’s OYO
2 – Grimace = Leg Climbers, 10 on each leg

5 PAX | No FNG’s

DRP = Daily Red Pill = A HIM’s deliberate daily commitment to accelerate his fitness, fellowship, and faith.

The older and more “routined” we become, the easier it is to coast on “auto-pilot.” YHC is reminded more and more that in order to grow and be the best version of myself for others, I must not rest on laurels of the past or think that my desired future will be carried on the wings of osmosis. I must be deliberate and do the hard thing to accelerate. Every. Day.


  • Speedy really doesn’t like the cold … but he furnished a A+ coffee/bananateria as usual! #AOQoftheyear
  • Poor Barney is stuck with an undersized Levee shirt–Under Armor apparently “Grinched” their Large by making it equivalent to a boy’s medium.
  • Boba Fett is a huge encouragement — he’s out there every time the dirty dova doors are open.
  • Grimace is another Annex pillar — he goes all out and he is super fit! Glad he’s on our team for AOlympics!

King of the BLUFF / AOlympics