June 15, 2019


THE SCENE: Perfect morning at THE University of Memphis. Appropriately called the Harvard of the south. 62 degrees, no humidity, fresh dew on the grass.  
  • SSH – 3 IC
  • Stretching OYO 60 Seconds
Bear Crawl Ruck Pulls – Stop every 25 yards and do the following exercises: Squats, Curls, Merkin Ruck Pull Through & Flutter Kicks
All this is 4 ct in cadence (except the merkins, 1 is 1) – rotate Q
Stop 1 – Goal Line – 5 Reps 
Stop 2 – 25 Yard line – 10 Reps
Stop 3 – 50 Yard Line – 15 Reps
Stop 4 – 25 Yard Line – 20 Reps
Stop 5 – Goal Line – 25 Reps
Sparky wasn’t there but I had an extra ruck for him so each PAX got an opportunity to drag an extra ruck 25 yards. 
I had a lot more planned. Crawl Bear rinse and repeat followed by lt Dan’s. We were smoked after the first round so we rucked up and took a trip around campus for a 1.5 mile ruck. 
10 slow Flutter Kicks
4 Pax – Soybean, Shoestring, Speaker and U-Rock (QIC)
Kept up with my COT from Monday. Brought up two points from the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.
  1. You aren’t that special. The problems you are facing aren’t just happening to you. You aren’t the first to ever go through this.
  2. Even when it’s not your fault it’s still your responsibility. Take control of the situation and fix it.
We as men have a responsibility to take care of our wives, families and communities. When sucky situations happen instead of moaping around and acting like life is terrible, jump into action and get to work. 
This is what Sparky’s ruck symbolized today. Does it suck to have to pull another ruck? Yes. Is it our fault? No. But still our responsibility. Help someone out. 
The mumblechatter was great. Finding an oasis in the middle of campus was even better. BOLO for either a party at the barracks or a new grill at speaker’s house.