December 12, 2019

Dante at the Berm

THE SCENE: Near full moon at the Berm
Pax were ready and waiting. Asked where the phrase Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here” originated It was correctly identified by Beauty Shop as the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri


1st circle (Limbo)Imperial Walkers IC 15, Hillbillies IC 15, Big Arm Circles forward and reverse IC 10. Mosey Lap around the McWherter Center.


2nd circle (Lust)  10 hand release merkins-Mosey lap

3rd circle (Gluttony) 2+ 20 BBS

4th circle (Greed) 2+3+ 30 Mountain Climbers

5th circle (Anger) 2+3+4+ 40 Air Squats

6th circle (Heresy) 2+3+4+5+ 50 LBCs

7th circle (Violence) 2+3+4+5+6 + 40 SSHs.

8th circle (Fraud) 2+3+4+5+6+7 + 30 Lunges (1 is 1).

Time was out. Couldn’t make the 9th level.  Snookie aptly pointed out that it was cold enough to be the 9th level.

Beauty Shop, Hot-n-Ready, Paper Trail, Snookie, CCr, Little Jon, Lipton, Orange Julius (QIC)


Our actions in life are reflected in eternity which seems to be an overarching message of the Divine Comedy. The things that we feel we want or need so much in this life are very often our own undoing. While the Inferno is by far the most famous part of the epic poem, it is followed by brighter sequels in purgatorio and paradiso. The Divine Comedy was meant to be an overall message of hope and not despair. We can, as humans, affect our destiny through changing our desires and behaviors.

MOLESKIN: Had a great time today! 

Got to meet Paper Trail for the first time. Looking forward to future conversation with that brother.

YHC and Snookie indulged in some gloriously delicious Schadenfreude over the 2019 Iron Bowel


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Orange Julius
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