May 23, 2018

Dad Bod Beach Workout (5/23/18)


    Warm, with rain forest-like humidity.

Usual welcome and disclaimer given.  Since PAX would be using CMUs, PAX were also warned not to drop CMU on head or foot.  Lactose intolerant PAX warned not to indulge too heavily in PLF (YHC’s recipe in Moleskin below).

Daisy Pickers IC x 12
Windmills IC x 13
Arm Circles OYO x 20 (both directions)
Tri stretch OYO

Today’s Thang was inspired by YHC’s recent beach vacation.  First, to simulate the feeling YHC always has by the time he reaches the beach from the condo, the PAX took a fast mosey around the lake to build up just enough sweat that applying any sunscreen would be uncomfortable and ineffective.

Next, the PAX grabbed their CMUs and partnered-up for YHC’s “Dad Bod Beach Workout.” Rabbit took a bit of steam out of this portion of Tha-Thang on Monday with his CMU workout.  After that beat down, a better Q may have adjusted his plan to avoid similar exercises, but YHC stuck to the plan.

The Dad Bod Beach Workout is a modified Dora 1-2-3 (but not the “Modified Dora 1-2-3” described in the Exicon) consisting of the following exercises:

100 Baby Throws (aka overhead presses with CMUs);
200 Double-fisters (aka CMU curls); and
300 Ease-into-the-oceans (aka squats while holding CMUs).

PAX 1 executes as many reps as possible while PAX 2 carries everything to the beach (aka 50-ish yard run with CMU) and then returns to condo (carrying 2.0, of course) to get something 2.0 left there (aka 50-ish yard run back to PAX 1 with CMU). Flip, and then repeat until team goal is reached.  Some PAX “carried their 2.0s on their backs” (aka wore a ruck sack) during the trips to the beach and back.  Perhaps a little easier, but YHC was impressed with the PAX’ ingenuity.  Cheesesteak and Captain Obvious chose the hard thing and carried Cheesesteak’s ruck sack over their shoulders.

After completing the Dad Bod Beach Workout, the PAX completed 3 sets of the following:

Box jumps x 20 (YHC could not think of a beach-related alternative name for this exercise, but Slots suggested something about beach volleyball, which the PAX enthusiastically accepted);
Ease-into-the-pools (aka dips) x 20
Seashell Pickers (aka lunges) x 20
Hot asphalts (aka high knees) x 20

Today’s Mary was also inspired by YHC’s recent beach vacation, and consisted of the following:

  • Back floats (real name unknown, taken from M’s ab workout). The PAX laid on their backs with legs lifted about 6 inches and back raised about 6 inches while fluttering arms OYO x 40.
  • “Dad, wake up! Where are your kids?!?” (aka “where your kids at”) (real name unknown, taken from M’s ab workout). The PAX laid on their backs with hands behind head. When YHC yelled “Dad!”, PAX raised up their backs and turned torso left and then right (with hands still behind head) x 10, while legs cycled. Irregular timing of “Dad!” yells.
  • Leisurely bike ride on the boardwalk (aka Freddie Mercuries) IC until the clock ran out.

10 PAX (no FNGs)

YHC had plenty of time last week to watch his kids on the beach.  YHC realized (again) that we only have a short period of time during which our kids really want our attention before friends, phones, etc., take up more of their time.  YHC challenged the PAX to make the most of that time by, for example, pretending with their 2.0s to be cats on the beach in front of strangers.  YHC also challenged the PAX to reach out to their own fathers this week.

After several months of encouragement/harassment from The Levee PAX, Wide Right commented that he thought it was time he joined F3 Memphis’s social media platform.  The only problem was that the social media platform Wide Right identified was the now defunct GroupMe.  Upon learning GroupMe is no longer the platform of choice, Wide Right initially objected to joining Slack, but shortly after relented and joined (likely to avoid further encouragement/harassment).

After the COT and BOM, the PAX enjoyed a mix of upscale and sketchy 2nd F.  Today was the second installment of Captain Obvious’s brainchild, PLF, which is quickly becoming a PAX favorite.  With the discovery of conveniently located electric outlets at the ballfields, the PAX enjoyed cool and refreshing frappes (YHC’s recipe below) without the noise of Slicnut’s generator. See also Slots’s masterfully written description of PLF in the mumblechatter channel from Wednesday.  While the more respectable PAX enjoyed their frappes, Slots and Cheesesteak engaged in an exchange of goods out of the trunk of Slots’s car.  Precise terms of the deal unknown to YHC.

Frappe recipe (shout-out to, from which this recipe was adapted):

6 oz. Cold Brew Concentrate (all measurements approximate)
4 oz. Whole Milk
1/3 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 oz. Half and Half
1 to 2 tsps Vanilla Extract

Add above ingredients to pitcher. Add ice, and then blend to desired consistency.  Add chocolate syrup and whip cream to taste.