June 6, 2019



Berm; perfect for a beatdown



SSH x 44 IC 
*22 (fwd/clockwise)
*22 (bwd/counter-clockwise)

Mosey to nearby open field.

THA-THANG: Operation Overlord
Date: 6/6/44=D-Day


6 Exercises
6 Rounds
44 Reps/per Exercise/per Round

RD 1)
Merkins x 44 OYO
Army Low Crawl x 44 Yds OYO (fwd)
Army Low Crawl x 44 Yds OYO (bwd)
Army Sit-Up x 44 OYO
Mtn Climber (2=1) x 44 OYO
Prisoner Squat x 44 OYO
*Plank and hold until All In

RD 2)
*For Army Low Crawl, substitute Bear Crawl (fwd) then Crawl Bear (rev); otherwise, no change

RD 3) 
*For Army Low Crawl, substitute Sprint (fwd) then Rev Sprint (bwd); otherwise, no change

RD 4)
*Same as RD 3; otherwise, no change

MARY: Corps Work

*American Hammer x 44 IC

4; Little John, Laettner, Wasabi, Mudpants, Tomb Raider, Early Bird, Lipton and O Positive (YHC)

The men came ready to do battle with themselves and the elements today.  All that was asked was they ’empty their clips’ and lay it all on the line. Leave no man and nothing behind. D-Day was a day that was arguably one of the most significant days in our Country’s military history.  Secured many freedoms we enjoy to this day. Today we honored those who fought on 6/6/1944 in Europe.

Today we pushed ourselves and our brothers–to get better.  Mission accomplished whether we finished 4 or 6 rounds.  We completed our Mission and headed back to base camp in time for Mary.  Proud of the PAX who showed up today to do work and FINISHED STRONG, followed up with some PLC together.

See: Preblast