October 2, 2018

Curls for the Girls – U-Rock VQ

THE SCENE: It was Humid, Dark and a perfect day for a VQ.

The Pax were welcomed, disclaimed and thanked for showing up.

Workout today is in honor of the 19 men killed and 73 men injured in the battle of Mogadishu 25 years ago.

SSH – IC x19
Imperial Walkers – IC x19
LBAC (Fwd) – IC x19
LBAC (Bck) – IC x19
Thread The Needle Hip Stretch – 30 sec each leg

Grab CMU and mosey to turf field.

  • Thang # 1: The ugly cousin of 11’s…..19’s.
    • Run twenty yards with CMU and do 18 CMU curls, run back to baseline and do 1 squat.
    • Run twenty yards with CMU and do 17 CMU curls, run back to baseline and do 2 squats.
    • Run twenty yards with CMU and do 1 CMU curl, run back to baseline and do 18 squats.
  • Comes out to 190 reps of each exercise. Unless you are Nature Boy and lose count and do an extra round.
  • Thang # 2:  A little  bit of DORA
    • Get in pairs.
      • Partner 1 Farmer Carries a CMU in each hand to the 50 YD line and back.
      • Partner 2 does flutter kicks on baseline until Partner 1 returns.
    • Went through rotation 2 times.
  • Thang # 3:  Mogadishu Mile
    • In honor of the men in Mogadishu who were forgotten by the EXFIL convoy and had to run 1 mile out of the city after fighting throughout the night, we did a modified merkin mile.
    • Run .19 miles, stop and do 19 Merkins.
      • Rinse and repeat until at 1 mile.

Only had time for 15 WW1 situps  (C-Lo’s choice)

5 PAX – no FNGs (Snowman, Skids, C-Lo, Nature Boy, U-Rock QIC)

YHC challenged the PAX to live out Ephesians 5 and love their wives like themselves. Sometimes as men we want to hear a problem and just get to fixing it – sometimes our wives need just to be listened to and prayed for.

Care for her, look out for her, make intentional time to just talk and check on one another.

Was an honor to lead these men for 45 minutes in the Gloom. Very thankful for them coming out and taking part in my VQ.

Camping Trip – Oct 12!