September 6, 2019

Curbed on ‘the Avenue of Lost Souls’

THE SCENE: Windows down and enjoyed the chilly commute along the Wolf River Blvd.  Even the obnoxious median curb waterfalls of affluence couldn’t put a damper on my trash talking punishment ‘q’.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Ah, if only Corn Cob’s (aka Fields Stewart Faus) parents would have given him a F middle name then F3 would have so much more meaning for him.  Dial Up paid me with a Creamery protein ball but we were off the books.  No money changed hands before or during.  So, we’re in the clear.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Deep stretching as the threat level of twisted ankles was in the red for this one.   Touch your toes x 10 IC, R over L x 10 IC, L over R x 10 IC, Spread’em to the R x 10 IC, to the L x 10 IC, middle x 10 IC, Squatting Bear in the Woods (hammy) x 10 IC, roll out the ankles; R x 10 IC, L x 10 IC 

Indian Run with ruck sack rotation to the parking lot on the east side of the Football Stadium.

All PAX claimed a curb.  1 minute AMRAP of the following:

  • Rocky Balboa’s (Riverdance or curb kicks)
  • The Butkis
  • Curb jumps (forward)
  • Curb jumps (backward)
  • Curb Jumps combined F+B
  • Curb Jumps side to side
  • 180 squats straddling the curb
  • Jump Lunges (not over the curb)

Stacked Ladders on the parking lot with rotating ruck 

  • 3 rungs consisting of Merkins, Burpees, and Big Boy Sit-ups 
  • rungs spaced out about 10 yards
  • sprint to the first rung, 1st set 1 rep Merkin, 2nd rung 1 rep Burpee, 3rd rung 1 rep BBS’s
  • Rinse and Repeat, 2 sets each 1 rep, 2 reps (3 total reps)
  • R & R 3 sets each, 1,2,3 reps (6 total)
  • . . . . up to 5 sets each (15 reps each)
  • 35 total reps each exercise 

R & R curb work at 1 minute intervals

  • Rocky Balboa’s (Riverdance or curb kicks)
  • The Butkis
  • Curb jumps (forward)
  • Curb jumps (backward)

Indian run back to ENDEX

MARY:  Superman, J-Lo x 5 IC
12 PAX, 0 FNGs: Halpert, Rocket Launcher, Finkle, Slic Nut, Dial Up, C-Lo, Pablo, Corn Cob, La Z-boy, Linkedin, Pebbles, Tomb Raider
Catalyst – derived from the Greek word katalύein, meaning “to dissolve” is an event or person causing a change.

Our lives, in all aspects and phases, are punctuated by catalyst moments.  During which the plateau trajectory of your life is shocked into rapid acceleration or deceleration. Our stagnant relationships are  revealed to us when we find true fellowship.  God interrupts our trajectory periodically to shock us into obedience, grow our faith, and lean into a deeper relationship with Him. 

Physically, we hit plateaus of complacency and use ‘season of life’ excuses.  Be the catalyst for someone.  Maybe the catalyst moment for you was an inter-office email from Halpert. Maybe you need a catalyst moment right now as surviving the bootcamp workout is no longer the only objective.  We aren’t doing anyone any favors by allowing each other to modify when you and I both know there’s more left in the tank.  We aren’t doing anyone any favors when we aren’t holding one another accountable for our eating habits (the queen), our tongue/social media comments, our quality time with our families, service to our wives and communities, and our relationships with our Creator.  

So, I challenge us all to be the catalyst for someone.  Help us all minimize the plateaus and maximize acceleration. 

Calling the Levee FIA got me into this q.  I appreciate Halpert’s mumblechatter and the opportunity to lead.  

I also appreciate the PAX who carried my ruck back to the flag after I said to leave it behind.  HIMs.  

The Avenue of Lost Souls is a great open spot of smooth pavement.  Unfortunately the concrete parking curbs have domed tops.  No injuries recorded as we worked speed into the AMRAPS only after form and rhythm were established.

We lifted up Slater and Summer (Slic Nuts M) boldly before God believing without a doubt that He hears our request, has the ability to, and will heal.  

IRON PAX challenge schedule was announced.  Participating in this is a great way to represent our region and to push oneself beyond your perceived limits.