December 17, 2018

Crazy 88’s

THE SCENE: t-shirt and shorts weather.  Snookie observed that it actually got gloomier as the morning wore on, agreed.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:    Done in under 40 seconds as each was precious for this beatdown.

WARM-O-RAMA:    NONE, PAX warned to do so OYO at the 1 minute prior mark.
The objective was to complete 88 reps of 8 exercises each in 44 minutes.  To do so we performed back to back sets to two exercises (1 BC, 1 Mary), 8 reps each, in succession under 1 minute.  At each minute mark the new round of the two exercises were repeated.  This was repeated for a total of 11 minutes giving us 88 reps of the two prior to moving onto the next pair.

After completion of the two 8 rep exercises the PAX regrouped and rested for any remainder of the 1 minute interval.

Round 1:  0-11 minutes (Burpees and LBC’s)

  • Set 1 (0-1 minute) – 8 burpees, 8 LBC’s
  • Set 2 (1-2 minute) –          ”            ,            “
  • Set 3-11 etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, . . .

Round 1 totals:  88 Burpees and 88 LBC’s

Round 2: 11-22 minutes (Squats and AH’s (2=1))

  • Set 1 (11-12 minute) – 8 squats, 8 AH’s
  • Set 2-11 etc, etc, etc, etc, . . . . . . .

Round 2 totals: 88 squats and 88 AH’s

Round 3: 22-33 minutes (Merkins and BBS’s)

  • Set 1 (22-23 minute) – 8 merkins, 8 BBS’s
  • Set 2-11 etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, . . . . . .

Round 3 totals: 88 merkins and 88 BBS’s

Round 4: 33-44 minutes (Jump lunges (2=1) and Flutter kicks (2=1))

  • Set 1 (33-34 minute) – 8 jump lunges, 8 flutter kicks
  • Set 2-11 etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, . . . .

Round 4 totals: 88 jump lunges and 88 flutter kicks

8 PAX (ironically), 0 FNGs   Snookie, Flatland, Interweb, Photoshop, Bailout, Beauty Shop, Judah, Tomb Raider
God is not interested in balance.  Again, God is not interested in balance.

We do not operate on some sort of cosmic karma.  God orders us to give without thought or expectation of reward or return.  We are to be wrecking balls of sacrificial love that demolish the ‘status quo’ of this world.  We are radicals leading a rebellion of the heart and mind.  We do not and should not operate under obligation to God or to our fellow man.  We strive to know God in a personal relationship and to love others because we are grateful, eternally grateful, for His sacrifice for us.  We cannot repay God for what He’s done for us.  Accept it and live free.

Stop living a life of obligation to God or to others, ‘Ryan’.   There is no relationship in obligation.  Instead love and give to others beyond your own perceived capacity.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill in the gaps and fill you up to overflowing.  Trust that He’ll provide a bigger container (influence + opportunity + resources) for you.  Jeez, how much more time, talent, and treasures do we need?

Begin small, because we suck at giving and living sacrificially for others.  This should take preparation as well.  Remember, ‘Do to the one as you would like to do for all.’  Andy Stanley

The worst was Round 1 (first 11 minutes).  One because it was 88 Burpees, two because the rest time was approx. 20 seconds, three because there was no WARM-O-RAMA.  No one splashed, I was strangely disappointed.  Not much chatter or complaining during.

The other Rounds had a bit too much recovery time, approx. 30-35 seconds.

An industrious ‘q’ could bump up the counts to 10 reps per exercise per minute and do 100’s though this might be best at the Mothership where you have a full 60 minutes instead of 44.

The mumblechatter significantly approved after Round 1.

I must be hanging out with OP too much since I’ve started to refer to myself in the COT.

Beauty Shop’s q tomorrow sounds fun.  Make the post if the Barracks Grinch isn’t on your gloom calendar.   Flatland begins his quest for 345 this week, Judah supporting.