November 23, 2017

Crayfish Apocalypto V2

AO:  Old Forest
Q: Crayfish
PAX: Shoestring, Gus, Snooki, Beauty Shop, Cargo, Pyrtle, Four Eyes, Pop Star
Side Straddle Hop IC x 15
Front Little arm circles IC x 10
Back Little arm circles IC x 10
Front Big arm circles IC x 10
Back Big arm circles IC x 10
Buttkickers 30 seconds
High Steps IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Apocalypto Run
Run through OF at ankle-break speed
Rainbow Lake Playground Beatdown
Hill Circuits
Two-person teams, rotating between the following:
Partner 1:
Derkin (Decline Merkin on hill) x 10
Crab Dips x 10
Position like crab walk, and do dips
Chataranga x 10
Begin in plank and position your hands directly underneath your shoulders.  Keep your elbows by your sides, pull up through your core, and press back up. You’ll feel your triceps working. If you don’t, you have probably allowed your elbows to splay out, with your shoulders bearing the burden of the work.
Rinse & Repeat
Partner 2:
Run up the Hill – Jump Squat – Run Down
High Knee up the Hill – Jump Squat – Run Down
Lunge up the Hill – Jump Squat – Run Down
Rinse & Repeat x3
Bear Crawls through Tunnel & beyond
After each partner completes two sets, go to the tunnel in the hill, bear crawl through, then continue to bear crawl to the pit and grab a coupon.
Squat Curls with Coupons
Shoulder Press Lunges with Coupons
Apocalypto Run Run back to start
Jack knives
Side knives Arms one way, legs the other
Micro Flutter-kicks
Macro Flutter-kicks
LBC  “Little Baby Crunch.” Aka a crunch/sit-up.
Hello Dolly
Box Cutters
Big Boy Situps
Circle of Trust (COT)
Philippians 4:19 – “My God will supply all of your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.”  Paul is not talking about things.  He has found the secret to contentment when in need or in plenty – through the strength of Christ we can do all things.  How has Christ strengthened us?  What are we thankful for (internal vs. external).
Ball of Man (BOM): Pray for courage for Cargo’s family who lost his mother at this time last year.