March 13, 2018

Cowbell’s Greatest Hits (VQ)

THE SCENE:   A brisk 32 degrees with darkness looming due to the time change.


  • Not a professional
  • Not paid
  • You are voluntarily here
  • Modify as needed (up or down). Know your body.


WM x 20 IC 4ct

Hail State!  Ring the Cowbell (squat & then stand raising hands with coupons as if ringing cowbells) x with coupon (representing a cowbell)

C – Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex (3:14)

Start with SSH to music when singing starts.
When Banjo plays, squat low, then raise and kick leg to the left.  Alternate legs.
When music changes and woman sings, switch to merkins,
Then switch back to CEJ’s when man sings again.
RAR: Man singing: SSH / Banjo solo: CEJ / Woman singing: Merkins

O – Oak Ridge Boys – Elvira (3:45)

Circle up with coupons.  Sit ups similar to crunchy frog but alternate passing the coupon from left to right around the circle IC with music.


Mosey towards pavilion (grab two coupons)

W – Wild Cherry –Play that Funky Music White Boy (4:58)

On the monkey bars, bat sit ups/‚pull ups/ ƒ just hang while partner sprints to bottom of the hill and back, then switch until song is over

B – Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (4:11)

10 Merkins/Prayer Squat (coupons): RAR

E – Van Halen – Eruption (1:31)

Hold hammock for half the song, then flip and hold plank.

L – Legs – ZZ Top (3:36)

Partner up.  One partner carries a partner across the defined path, then switch and the other partner carries on the way back.

L – Lynard Skynard – Sweet Home Alabama (4:45)

Cleaning house:  one does self-cleaning vacuum (use swing to anchor feet, then use arms to move up and back).  Sweep five times, then crab walk around swing.

Mary (while Madelon (MSU Fight Song) is playing)

ABC’s IC (of course! They clearly can’t be done any other way.)

Pick a PAX choice:  Handsy picked alternating flutter kicks, 30, 45, then 90 degrees.

6 PAX  0 FNG

One Bad Day by Jason Cruise

The older I get, the more I try to be slow in forming opinions-especially about people.  I’ve learned that no matter what information I have about someone, and no matter how I got that information, I really can’t know what factors in a person’s life cause him to speak and behave the way he does.

I have caught myself making character assessments about a man off nothing more than one or two short encounters.  But the truth of the matter is that there is no way one or two situational encounters can give me enough information to make an assessment about anyone.

What if that person is simply having a bad day – or a bad week, or month, or year? What if he was under a ton of stress in his marriage or in his job?  It’s a rare person who is completely “in character” during those seasons in life, and we do him no favors by assuming that the negativity he shows during that time reflects who he really is.

Let’s talk about a bad day in the life of an important Bible character.

Other than Jesus himself, the apostle Peter was the greatest New Testament preacher.  Nobody, not even Paul, could get the kind of results Peter got when he preached to large crowds.  But the funny thing is, if you ask most Christians to tell you one thing about Peter, they’ll almost always bring up his denial of Christ.

Peter had one bad day.  Though he had promised Jesus that he would stick by Him no matter what, when the chips were down, Peter three times denied even knowing his Lord.

The Bible doesn’t tell you what Peter said or did in the few days after Jesus’s crucifixion, but it is safe to assume that he wasn’t at his best.  His best, it turned out, would come after Jesus forgave and restored him.  After that, he had hundreds of great days living for the Lord Jesus.

I never want to be that guy who forms negative opinions about someone based on a few chance encounters.  With God’s help, I want to be the person who follows Jesus’ example in forgiving and restoring those who have gone through difficult times in their lives.

Luke 22:56-57 – A servant girl saw [Peter] seated there in the firelight.  She looked closely at him and said, “This man was with him.” But he denied it. “Woman, I don’t know him,” he said.

Prayer requests:

Backseat’s dad, our wives (and ex-wives even)


As I prepared for my VQ, I wanted it to be challenging enough that others would enjoy it, while still being able to do it (can’t Q it if you can’t do it).  Being slightly older than some and much older than others, I found the only proving I had to do was to myself.