February 15, 2018

Coupontraburpee Broad Jump March

THE SCENE: Hot as a Georgia asphalt, wet as a whistle, 67°ish – Phat Pat on Q for a smokefest!

-Welcome, I am not a professional
-No one is getting paid or being paid
-You are responsible for your body and it’s well-being, so push yourself but modify as needed
-You are here because you want to be and accept all risks involved
-Leave if you do not agree

Mosey a couple laps (knock on the creeper van… someday)
Chinook x20 IC (Bruce! This also ensured the rain would hold off)
Baby Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse! Reverse! x10 IC
Windmill x15 IC
Supermans x10 IC (PAX started mumbling, YHC kindly informed PAX this is the least wet they will be all morning)

Count off – Partner up with PAX of similar conditioning – Moseyed to Coupons – All PAX took a Coupon – Moseyed to The Great Plain


Coupontraburpee Broad Jump Partner March
The shovel flag was planted at the end of the field. PAX lined up with their partner and together worked across the field by: 1) Throwing their coupon roughly a Broad Jump away, 2) performing a Burpee, and 3) adding a Merkin into the Burpee for each successive one, 4) Broad Jumping to the Coupon.

This was repeated up to 15 Merkins, and then back down (e.g. 14, 15, 14, 13 etc.) until the unit rallied to the flag. Once a unit reached the flag they then went back to the 6 and joined in with their progress until all PAX were in a line, as a unit, overtaking The Great Plain together.

Mud, water, and guts were flying everywhere as Coupon Grenades hailed down upon the blood soaked, battle worn field the PAX were freeing from the tyranny of the Sad Clowns.

Victory Spoils 
PAX stayed partnered up, and spread across the field facing the three level wood fence.
-Partner 1 performed Burger Eaters (hold squat and curl the coupon AMRAP)
-Partner 2 ran to the fence, and chose to put their feet on board 1, 2, or 3, and perform Derkins to muscle failure (shout out to Toms for this exercise!)

The goal was to grab 150 Derkins between the two partners. It appeared only two groups (Phat Pat & Granola, OJ & Soulja Boy!) were able to grab all 150 Derkins before time was called. At 6010 PAX moseyed to Startex with YHC bringing back the shovel flag.

PAX circled up for Mary and Q voluntold Green Monster to lead us in the first round of Dealer’s Choice. Only PAX who have not Q’ed yet could lead.
-Baby Flutter Crunches x10 IC

White Castle volunteered as tribute next! – “Pecker” [sic] Pounders x10 IC
Choker jumped in without asking (love it!) – Hello Dollies x10 IC
Leonardo had the look in his eye – Side Straddle Hops x10 IC
Mr. Wonderful (who has declared he won’t Q until next year) – Called out a Fast Mosey to finish us off

13 PAX, no FNG’s

As men we need to follow through on our word, and own up for it when we don’t. YHC shared a story of failing to keep his commitment with his M and needing to make amends. Giving up felt good at the moment, and stomach turning later. It’s not worth it. Look to Jesus for the strength, and praise the Sky Q He remains faithful when we are faithless.

The Q woke up with severe crud feeling like garbage, came screeching tires at 5030 on the dot, and forgot his Weinke. It was not his most brilliant moment. Mumble Chatter rightfully ensued.

During the Coupontraburpee March Granola was seen modifying for the first time during an F3 workout and admitted as much. While there was no Merlot Splash, YHC’s heart grew three times at the news and took this as a token of victory.

No Moma’s BBQ for Coffeeteria (we looked like rabid dogs abandoned during a hurricane)