January 25, 2018

Coupon Runs + Leg Exercises = GMTs

THE SCENE: Clear skies, light breeze, 32°

No flag 10 burpee penalty

Baby Arm Circles IC x 40 (half forward, half reverse)

Mosey around building

AMRAP Merkins while late PAX do their no flag 10 burpee penalty


Mosey to calisthenics area; pick up coupons on the way. Divide PAX into two groups.

  • Group 1 does 10 squats, 10 lunges (each leg), and ten dips. Repeat.
  • Group 2 runs with coupons up hill, down other side, and back to group 1.
  • Group 2 gives coupons to group 1.
  • Group 1 runs with coupons; group 2 does squats, lunges, dips.
  • Repeat.

Total run with coupon approximately 1 mile (Ozark probably did 1.5 miles). Don’t know how many squats, lunges and dips we did.


Flutter kicks IC x 20

Dealers choice (Ozark): Hello Dolly IC x 15

Plank 30 count (Soybean); switch to one arm plank 30 count (Lipton)


12 PAX: Soybean, Lipton, Shy Guy, Geppetto, Ozark, Cataract, Moth Balls, Commando, Bullwinkle, Handsy, Krueger, Snookie


Honor your mother and your father. It’s one of the few people we’ve been commanded to honor. We’re supposed to love many people (neighbors, enemies, Christian brothers and sisters). But sometimes your relationship with your parents is such that love is very difficult. Still honor.

Pray for the families and community in the Kentucky shooting and for Tiny’s mother.

During the picture taking, Soybean pointed out that the Berm always has a flag because the senior center never takes their flag down. Would have been useful to know before we did the 10 burpee penalty.

2F opportunity: East Memphis Millennial Lunch today at Whole Foods (near Paradiso). Come observe millennials in their natural habitat (please don’t feed or pet them).

Service opportunity this Saturday (01/27/2017).  Meet at 6:50 AM in parking lot of McWherter Senior Center. Come even if you can’t stay the whole time.