January 13, 2021

counting up by 20


F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER quickly given as I accidentally started at 5:31


20 ssh

15 forward arm circles

15 backward arm circles

15 overhead claps

15 daisy pickers

20 ssh


Mosey around senior center.

Partner up. Grab 1 CMU per team and mosey to gym.

While one partner performs following exercise, other partner runs to second pole with light and back. Here are the exercises:

20 chin-ups

40 bonnie blairs

60 burpees

80 box jumps

100 CMU curls

Hold plank til all in. One team got done pretty quickly and had to hold plank for about 3 solid minutes, which was a good test of endurance.

Once all in, I had all PAX do the exercises all over again, but this time switch who starts with the exercise and who starts with the run. (For example, on my team Paper Cut started the first round doing the chin-ups and he did all 20, so I didn’t get a chance to do any on the first round. This gave all PAX a chance to perform all exercises.)

Once each team finished, I had them coordinate with other teams to help them finish.

Mosey back to the flag for a long Mary.

Mary (all in cadence):

30 seconds wall-sits

20 merkins in cadence

30 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU curls in cadence

30 seconds wall-sits

Now at 6:14, I had us hold plank until 6:15.

13 PAX. Upgrade (QIC), Malco, Geppetto, Evan Almighty, Lipton, Shy Guy, Vengeance, Photoshop, Paper Cut, Millennial, Chef, Farmer, Laettner

I’ve been doing BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) since August of last year after taking a few years off. We are currently studying Genesis and just this last week went over the part where Abraham is called by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Obviously, Abraham didn’t end up having to sacrifice his son and was provided a lamb in his place, but Abraham showed God he was committed and without questioning anything. It made me ponder if there have been times in my life where I have gone immediately without questioning to do what I hear God calling me to do. I can think of so many times I go immediately if it’s something selfish, and that benefits myself. But I can’t think of many times I go to do something for someone else with no benefits for myself, and in an inconvenient moment. I encouraged the PAX to try to think of others above yourself this year. If you feel God is calling you to do make a meal for someone who has just had a baby, go immediately and sign up for that thing. Don’t hesitate so much. It is such a healing and comforting act to do something for someone else that is completely selfless. I rarely do it, but when I do it’s always worth it, obviously for the other individual, but, heck, even for yourself! I would like to do more of that in 2021.

Some tweaked ankles and knees this morning for a couple PAX. Rest up for Bauer! Ice that knee! Ice that ankle!


2 words. Bauer, Baby!

Preblast for the week of January 11th

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