May 27, 2020

Counting Down to OP’s and Choker’s Exercise Baby



Disclaimer given in addition to the 5 components of each workout, the F3 Mission, and the F3 motto.


  • SSH ICx20
  • Arm Circles Forward IC x10
  • Arm Circles Reverse IC x10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x20


  • SSH IC x100
  • Bobby Hurleys OYO x90
  • BBS OYO x80

Plank till all in.

  • Flutter Kicks IC x70
  • Burpees OYO x60
  • Jump Lunges OYO x50

Take a lap and plank till all in.

  • Monkey Humpers IC x40 (broken up into two sets of 20)
  • T Merkins OYO x30
  • Leg Climbers OYO x20

Take a lap and plank till all in.

If Choker and O Positive had an F3 baby exercise, what would it be? Can you guess? Photoshop correctly guessed the exercise and reduced the final 10 rep of, you got it, Tony Hawk Body Bag Builders, down to 5 reps. So…

  • Tony Hawk Body Bag Builders OYO x 5

Take a lap.

Bring Sally Up with BBS


6 PAX. No FNGS.  Hobo, Kenny G, Prince Ali, Photoshop, Shrink, Grimace

On the heels of Memorial Day, I was reminded of the men and women who died for our country but did not receive a proper burial. An image of the ocean with a simple caption reminded me that not all of those who fought and died for us were given a proper burial with a proper grave surrounded by family and friends. Some received little to no recognition for the sacrifice they made.

I find myself wanting at least a little recognition for the things I do, from exercising to projects to whatever. It’s selfish. It’s not Christ focused.

My challenge to the PAX this morning was to do something for someone else and not tell anyone. Don’t look for recognition. Don’t post about it on social media. Do it for the glory of God.


The Annex is open for business beginning this Friday with Lochte on Q!

YHC is temporary AOQ at the Annex until Speedy decides to not get sick from the Rona, or until July. June’s lineup of Qs is looking pretty attractive. Should be a good month to accelerate.

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