November 19, 2019

Countdown to Thanksgiving

THE SCENE: Upper 30s. Not too shabby if you’re layered up

Turkey Feather Flappers (SSH) x 20 IC

Imperial Gobblers (Walkers) x 15 IC

Yummy (Mummy) Kicks x 20 IC

Planksgiving (Plank) x 60 secs

Thankful (Finkle) Swings x 30 secs each leg

“Mashed potato” mosey around parking lot


“Countdown to Thanksgiving” –

Thanksgiving is 10 days away so we started with 10 reps each of a pair of exercises and counted down  reps ’til we got to one to one each. It looked something like this:

  • 10 “Dressing” dry docks
  • Turkey walk (aka duck walk) to other side of parking lot
  • 10 “Sweet Potato” squats
  • “Mashed potato” mosey back
  • 9 “Dressing” dry docks
  • Turkey walk (aka duck walk) to other side of parking lot
  • 9 “Sweet Potato” squats
  • “Mashed potato” mosey back
  • etc.


After completing the countdown we “mashed potato” moseyed to the playground track for the…

“Native American and Pilgrim Run”

Similar to a normal “Native American Run” but the man in the back of line performed one “Pilgrim Pop-up” (also known in some circles as a burpee) before running to the front of the line. 

It was dark and quite leafy, so we veered slightly off course at times


After the “NAAPR” we had time for another joyous “Countdown to Thanksgiving”  this time consisting of…

  • 10 “Gravy” groiners
  • “Cranberry” crab walk to other side of parking lot
  • 10 “Buttery” big boy sit ups
  • “Mashed potato” mosey back
  • and so on…


  • “Friendsgiving” Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC
  • Green Bean Captain Thor x 8  OYO (cut short by time)

13 PAX  –  Frisky, Mudslide, Barnum, Mirrors, Manny, Teacher’s Pet, One and Done, Monk, Goose, Easily Amused, Windex (IG), Bookworm (IG), Dewey (QIC)
Be thankful in all things, and you will know joy. Being “thankful” around Thanksgiving can be trite and overused, but true thankful is of utmost importance
Thankful for these fellas
Thanksgiving Day convergence at the Bermuda Triangle