December 2, 2020

Couch VQ

Disclaimer: I hardly come on Slack so no one would be surprised about why I am submitting this after day and half. I have never read any “Backblasts” thus far and I don’t how anybody else writes it, this could be a unique Backblast ya’ll will ever read. Had I read one before  that could have limited my creativity and imagination.

I appreciate everyone for showing up on such a freezing morning. I was not expecting 10 guys showing up for my VQ. I am sure you all came to show your support but such a big presence really made me nervous for a while. I had different plans for this first ever Q but due to such low temperature I made sure everyone stay warm and keep their heart high. I tried my best to keep it whole body workout including, running and almost 100 flutter kicks (@Grimace), and no four count lunges (@ Speedy)

Hobo, Grimace, Rabbit, Chef, Landline, Speedy, Photoshop, Tremor, Roomba, Papercut. I hope I did not miss anyone.

Couch Potato
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