October 12, 2017

Copperhead Everything

Cargo, Oz, Lazarus, Soybean, Gus, Phat Pat, Sir Mix A Lot, Teachers Pet, Shoestring, Tiny, Situation, Splice, Pyrtle, Blando, Slick Billy, O Positive, Four Eyes, Crayfish, FNG “American Standard.” Nomad: Three-put (F3Nashville)



Happy Jacks

Copperhead Merkins, Squats, Dry Docks, and Lunges

Regular movements but lowering body slowly on first 3 counts, then lifting up on 4 count.

Copperhead bites climbed by 137 percent in the last couple years.



Apocalypto Run

When it’s hot outside, Copperheads tend to move and feed mostly at night.

Break into 2 groups, one goes on trail, other on road, with leader and lagger for each.

Stop at the crossroads to wait for laggers.  Squats while we wait.

When we get to Rainbow lake playground do more squats until all are in.

Rainbow Lake Playground – Stairway to Seven

Starting at the hill on the playground, start with 1 Burpee at bottom, 1 push-up, run to top, 1 squat top, then run back down. Repeat 7 times up increasing reps of each exercise by 1 each time, so you finish with 7 burpees, 7 push-ups, run to top, 7 squats at top.


Bear Crawl Tunnel

After the 7th, go to the tunnel in the hill, bear crawl through and grab a coupon out of the pit.


While waiting for everyone to finish, with our coupons we’ll do shoulder press squats and bicep curl lunges until all in

Picnic Curls & Rows (if time)

Partner up and go to a picnic table, do 10 curls then 10 rows


Break into 2 groups, one goes on trail, other on road, with leader and lagger for each.

Stop at the crossroads to wait for laggers.  Squats while we wait, squats for the six back at the East Playground.


Hello Dolly

Starfish crunch

The PAX lay spread eagle on their backs, feet just above ground. On count of 1, the PAX crunch at the core bringing the left leg and right arm together, On 2, return to start. On 3, crunch bringing the right leg and left arm together, on 4, return to start.


6:15 – Circle of Trust (COT)

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, FNG “American Standard” (Andrew Lancaster).

Devotion: Isaiah 43, God is with us! We will surely fail on our own but God uses friends and community to strengthen us when we ask for help. Crayfish encouraged Pax to lean into relationships by asking for help/prayer when we are in need.

Ball of Man (BOM)

Prayer requests – Tiny’s mom has been in and out of the hospital in Tupelo for the last three months, complicated health problems. Shoestring is leading his staff through grief after the loss of coworker Jose. Praise for Foureyes’ daughter’s first birthday!


Much banter about snakes. Killer FNG naming story from American Standard involving much middle eastern food, a long ride with a pretty girl, and the misuse of one of American Standard’s wall-mounted products. Great work and great attitudes out in the cool dark snakey woods.