April 10, 2018

Concrete Crushing Bare Hands Beatdown

Phat Pat on Q! Weather so nice no one cared what the temp was. Childhood like anticipation would soon turn to jealousy, which would then turn to rage among the PAX. They had been instructed to bring their CMU’s and warned to leave the gloves at home…

PhP professionally announced that he was not a professional, and basically all the other stuff you would expect during a disclaimer:
*You assume all risk of injury
*Max effort but modify as needed
*Other smart things

What did we do here…. hmmmm… I wrote it doooownnn oveeerrrr, nope. I did not write it down. Ah yes!

SSH IC x Whenever Moana got done SSHopping over to his car to get another CMU for the FNG! It was many of them.
Deep Squats IC x 10
Wide Arm Circles IC x 10
Merkins IC x 10

PAX gathered at one corner of a parking lot island, with a decent tree in it, I might add. We had just four exercises to complete in our circuit. And they would all be performed as a group In Cadence. Then we would Bear Crawl to the next corner, grabbing the CMU’s from our feet and sliding them ahead of us as we go (Bears & Blocks). Hold CMU Squat until All In.

1) CMU Curls IC x 20

Bears & Blocks – BUT WAIT! Surprise! All PAX who chose to wear gloves got to do 10 Penalty Burpees with their CMU’s! The tears were delicious. Only YHC was brave enough to face the concrete bare handed on the first one, so this was a lonely road that I had to journey. But we all have our crosses to “Bear.”

2) Tricep Dips IC x 20

Bears & Blocks – it was at this point that YHC explained we all had a choice about how to get better today. We would all get in our work, but those of us that wanted to get extra credit on our mental fortitude could go bare handed. And those of us that wanted to get an extra calorie burn could keep wearing gloves and do 10 CMU Penalty Burpees after every exercise. Only 1 PAX joined YHC, but there was no judgment, just OAC.

3) CMU Overhead Press IC x 20

Bears & Blocks & Penalty Burpees

4) Derkins IC x 10

Bears & Blocks & Penalty Burpees
Good old fashioned OP Rinse and ReBeatdown! 

CMU Curls IC x 50!
Bears & Blocks to Mary circle.

CMU American Hammer in U-S-A Cadence x 20
A Moana favorite: Little Baby Flutter Crunches x 20 (Reggae count, as Gus calls it)

9 PAX, 1 FNG (Martina! He “played tennis.”)

YHC Posted all winter with no gloves. I did this of my own accord to see if I could do it, and make myself mentally stronger. Once I got through the 15 degree infamous Lazarus Bear Burp Q (which featured an Irish Goodbye) with no gloves, and Four Eyes begging me to wear some, I knew I could get through the rest of the winter too.

Pick a discipline that you’ve been putting off, that you need to get better at and simply start doing it. Add more time/reps/accountability each day. Not wearing  gloves is a silly one, but it has actually helped me realize there are other things I thought I couldn’t / wouldn’t do (like counting calories!) that I COULD DO if simply humbled myself, asked the Lord for help, and just started it.

Co-Q Slots came in on GroupMe with the Bible save: 1 Corinthians 9:26-27; 1 Tim 4:8


Team No Gloves

Slots got angry enough that he tried to hit YHC with his CMU and busted it. Billy Blanks then tried to follow suit, but has an old school CMU and it would not break.

T-Claps to Slots for wearing his Ruck the whole Beatdown!

PLC! With Gevalia & Krispy Kreme donuts. #2ndFQ
Shout out to Jasmine for nabbing (and parading around) the ManeChain! #MorgLife