January 4, 2020

Coming in Hot

Rainy, soggy, and wet.  But a warm 56 degrees.  A beautiful day for some fitness and fellowship for my 1 year F3versary – the ‘best’ of 2019!

Your Q was running late, although I got up on time, but ended up arriving to the scene at 5:29:35.  AOQ Halpert was preparing the group for 100 SSH.  Seeing how we had 2 FNGs it was a perfect time to review F3’s Credo and 5 Core Principles.  Everyone was disclaimed and we started our warm up.


SSH x 20 – in Cadence

Imperial Walker x 15 – in Cadence

Daisy Pickers x 10 – in Cadence

After the Warm-o-rama we headed towards the batting cages, but due to the number of PAX and the soggy ground we halted behind the concession stand.  The batting cage was going to be the perfect backdrop for our HIIT session – get it?  HIT in batting cages?  Nevermind…

So, we started our interval training:

45 seconds:  Grasshoppers (30 second recovery)

45 seconds:  Apollo Ohno (30 second recovery)

45 seconds:  Plank Tucks (30 second recovery)

45 seconds:  BH, but your Q couldn’t remember what BH stood for on his sandwich bag enclosed index card, so we skipped that one and proceeded with Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey’d over to the light poles for some Route 66:  Burpees

Mosey’d over to the Houston High Parking Lot for a modified Stonehenge (11’s):

  • Everyone was given a training marker and informed to take it approximately 30 yards away from the designated starting point.  This formed a modified 30 yard circle.  It was encouraged that if you were feeling quick and spry, to take your cone out to 40 yards.  And if you were feeling a bit tired and slow, to take your cone out to 20 yards.
  • At the starting point in the center of the circle was where we would start our first exercise of the 11’s:  Merkins
  • After doing 1 Merkin, we ran to our placed cone and did 10 Captain Thors (2 were 1)
  • We finished the 11’s and mosey’d back to the light poles for some more Route 66

Route 66:  Dips

Back to Startex for some Mary.

Freddie Mercury x 10 – in Cadence

Flutter Kicks x 10 – in Cadence

20 Total Pax.  Perfect way to start of the first workout at the Levee in 2020 with 20 PAX.

2 FNGs:  False Alarm and Hoosier (Willy Loman)

This was my 1 year F3versary – to the day, so awesome being able to lead.  Laettner invited my on NYE 2018 for his Q on Jan 3rd, 2019.  He was unable to make today’s workout due to travel.  F3 has had a significant impact on my life.  Love the fellowship, the fitness, and the accountability.

Encouraged the PAX to think of a word to reflect on for 2020.  My wife asked me and I said PURSUIT.  I want to PURSUE stronger relationships with God, my family, friends, PAX, success at work, etc.

Had a few recent deaths that impacted a few of our PAX.  We lifted their families up in this time of grievance:  Todd Eaton, James Heinz (Dry Rub), and Sam Wyche.  We also lifted up Captain Obvious’ sister who was having surgery and Rabbit and his family who were stricken with the flu.

KOB Next week – as well as VQ week at the Levee.

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