February 16, 2021


5 degrees when I left the house for shield lock pre-run, 3 degrees at 0530 and 1 degree at 0630 for post run home. Real feel in the negatives and snow all over the place! Mudpants arrived on foot as well after a nice Ruck.


Given. If you paid to be here this morning you are doing it wrong.


Mosey to stables. Considering it was COLD AF outside we did the COLD AF workout. 3 rounds because it was 3 degrees out and 25 reps of each exercise.

Curls (or chin ups. Apparently curling yourself up on the curl bar is not a curl)

Oblique Crunches. More controversery here as Cheeze called this as coming out of an 80’s ESPN video and not in the Exicon. Moral of the story? We need more “O” exercises

Lunges (1 is 1)

Dry Docks (the Carolina Variety)

Alternating Shoulder Taps (2 is 1)

Freddie Mercury’s (2 is 1)

Run to street and back after each round (.5 miles round trip. Round 3 led us back to shovel flag so call it 1.43 worth of running)

Low Plank 30 seconds

High Plank 30 seconds

Flutter Kicks x16 IC

Monkey Humpers x4 IC

6 PAC in the frozen tundra

As many of you know my 18 month old daughter Olivia has had some significant health issues since her birth. A close college friend shared some verses from John 9 where a blind man comes to Jesus and he says (paraphrasing here as my phone died; luckily Cheezesteak and MudPants were present to fact check my interpretation) that the man is not blind due to his sins or the sins of his parents but rather that God’s works will be displayed in him. This was not only a sobering message for me but is a great reminder to reach out and encourage your friends even if you have not talked to them in awhile or are separated by distance! Be a HIM and encourage others.

Had what I thought to be a nice Cold playlist but did not account or the fact that my speaker would die ~3mins in due to cold and my phone would die ~15mins in due to cold. Fun stuff but here is what I was listening to in my head:

February Stars by Foo Fighters

Cold Wind Blows by Eminem

Cold by Chris Stapleton

A Long December by Counting Crows

Cold As You by Luke Combs

Coldest Winter by Kanye West

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band

Let it Go by Idina Menzel (Frozen song)

Winter by the Rolling Stones

Cold One by Eric Church

Shout out to my shield lock that showed up to pre and post run to the Saddles (a first for Finkle and myself; Sparky had the distance down to .01 of a mile from his house. Legendary).

Should be noted that Wheezer brought his own water to brew coffee on site as the water was shut off at the saddles. Something parks and rec may want to improve in the future.

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