April 9, 2019

Cockpit Sprints

Date: 04/04/2019

AO: Cockpit

QIC: Tiger Lily

PAX: Short Timer, Soulja Boy and Tree Hugger

THE SCENE:  Dark and overcast, the rain held off till we got into Mary and were laying on our backs.


20 Daisy Pickers IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Arm Circles (forward and then backwards) IC

Parking Lot Distance:
Sprint to 100 feet perform 100 SSH, sprint back
Sprint to 75 feet perform 75 Mountain Climbers, sprint back
Sprint to 50 feet perform 50 Squats, sprint back
Sprint to 25 feet perform 25 Mericans, sprint back
Sprint to 10 feet perform 25 LBC, sprint back
Rinse and Repeat

Parking Lot Sprints:
Complete 10 rounds of sprints across the width of the parking lot with a jog back to the start:

Round 1 & 6 – Suicide Sprint
Round 2 & 7 – Inch Worm Push-Ups (3/4 of the way across parking lot)
Round 3 & 8 – Lunges
Round 4 & 9 – Broad Jump
Round 5 & 10 – Bear Crawl


Two Rounds of the following:
15 Partner Reverse Crunches
15 V-Ups
2 min plank (straight for 30 sec, left arm up for 30 sec, right arm up for 30 secs and straight for 30 sec)


4 PAX, no FNGs


Quick discussion of ensuring the that your M is not your best friend in your life. This is discussed in more detail within “Freed to Lead”. If you do not have a male best friend that you can confide in, suggest that you continue to post with F3 and you will develop a group of friends that you can lean on when needed.

After YHCs last Q being a 40+ person workout, it was great to lead a small group of men. As much as YHC loves the large crowd, there is something wonderful about posting with less than 10 PAX and having a chance to for great mumble chatter with everyone involved.

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