October 19, 2020

CMUs and Spidermans

63 degrees with a slight breeze – just about perfect.



Side Straddle Hops IC x 20

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Arm Circles x 10 Front and Back

Mosey – 1 lap around parking lot


Work in pairs and alternate – one man runs up-stairs to ball field, 20 Spiderman Pushups, then back down stairs while the other does the following:

Overhead presses CMU x 50

Back presses CMU x 100

Squats CMU x 150

Hold Plank to all in

Route 66

Alternate the following for each of 5 light poles before sprinting back

Dips 20x

Burpess 20x


Big boy Sit-Ups 25x

CMU curls IC 10x

Merkins IC 10x

Blockees 10x


WW1 Sit-ups IC x 15

Box Cutters IC x 10

LBCs IC x 20

7 PAX: Carver (QIC), Boudreaux (AOQ), Oneder, Floater, Hoya, Rocket Launcher, Dial-Up



We are all susceptible to spending mental energy thinking of past successes, challenges and failures. In many instances our emotions are tied to these occurrences and as a result they can influence the decisions and pursuits in the future. If we are honest, most of our energy can go into the next thing – the next job, the next home, the next accomplishment or whatever…

Thankfulness of how we have been blessed in life is likely a better way to reflect. Having a family, a steady job, a home, a church to be part of, health, freedom in this great country and male community like with F3 are just some examples. Then there are the many laughs, delights, enjoyments in the everyday grind.

This thankfulness and gratefulness should spur our faith…. there will be many other things that we can be thankful for in the future…  if we choose to recognize them. So, in this season leading up to Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for what we have and what is to come.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. I Thessalonians 5:18


This was my VQ and I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead the session — I challenge all to step up and seize the opportunity! I modified two areas — the first was a slight reduction on reps due to heavy work by the PAX..the second was 3 PAX choice exercises to fill in around 6 minutes of extra time at the end. Appreciate the support from AOQ Boudreaux.

Great to see Floater back out after living away for the last two years. Welcome back!

Dial-Up stated at one time “And why did I come out?” That’s how we know we’re paining together in the Gloom!


Floater will VQ next Monday (10/26), Oneder VQ following Monday (11/2). Let’s show up and support these men!

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