March 14, 2019

CMUing at the Lair

THE SCENE: 68 Degrees…Windy and wet, but the turf field was dry as can be.



  • SSH 25xIC
  • Arm Circles Forward 15xIC
  • Arm Circles Backward 15xIC
  • Windmills 15xIC
  • Daisy Pickers 15xIC

Everyone moseyed to the turf field with their CMUs, but we did not get right to the heavy lifting.

First, we had to take in a Quarter Pounder.

  • Sprint to the 25-yard line and do merkins 25x…… backward run to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 50-yard line and do squats 50x…… backward run to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 75-yard line and do mountain climbers 75x…… backward run to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 100-yard line and do SSH 100x…… backward run to the goal line

Next up was a DirtyMacDeuce

  • 15x CMU Curls
  • 15x CMU Overhead Squats
  • 15x CMU Big Boy Situps (Last round replaced with Heavy Freddies)
  • Indian Run Around the turf field

Rinse and repeat x4

Finally, we finished it off with a cherry on top

  • Merkins x25
  • LBCs x15
  • Bear Crawl across the turf field and sprint back


  • Freddy Mercurys x25
  • Hello Dollys x25

6 – Sonic, Halpert, C-Lo, Dial-Up, SKIDS100, Hello Kitty

Leaning on the newest Q Source article which we all should read. As you accelerate through your day, remember to continue to focus on your relationships, especially with your M. Leave some gas in the tank at the end of a long work day and do something nice for your loved ones. It is a great way to bookend your day. Those relationships are what matter most and will lead to true joy in life.

For further reading, Here is the QSource article. Check it out!

Excellent morning for a workout. We got better and also learned that 1 doesn’t always equal 1 when it comes to counting out reps