May 23, 2019

CMU-so-Fly (VQ)

THE SCENE: Daylight just starting to break. Temp, maybe high 60s. Pleasant.


15 standard SSH
15 fast tempo SSH
10 Abe Vigoda
10 slow Daisy Pickers
10 Frankensteins (that’s what my kids call alternating high kicks to opposite outstretched hand)
30 sec Back Plank
10 CMU Curl-Lift-and-Press (didn’t know what else to call this… bicep curl, shoulder press, tricep overhead press, shoulder negatives with arms extended, repeat)
All performed IC.

Mosey with CMU from parking lot to the plush Turf Fields of the Lair…

  • 11’s: CMU Burpees and CMU Jump Lunges, OYO
  • CMU Merkins till ALL IN
  • Apple Turnovers to opposite sideline

Mosey to the Poles and the Playground

  • AMRAP vertical pole pull-ups attempted (Due to excess sweat accumulation on poles, audible modification called by VQ to reassign exercise as below.)
  • AMRAP pull-ups on playground bridge railing; rest in wall sit as needed

Mosey back to Turf Field sidelines

  • Broad Jumps across to opposite sideline
  • 15 “CMU-so-Fly” lateral shoulder raises, alternating sides with each rep at midline, OYO (modification: 15 CMU foward shoulder raises OR 15 CMU military press)
  • CMU Lunge Walk across to opposite sideline
  • 2 rounds of 5 push-up assisted Glute-Ham Developers with alternating partner holding ankles.

30 Supermans OYO
15 V-situps OYO

Mosey with CMU back to shovel flag.

5 PAX – Bombay, SKIDS 100, Hello Kitty, C-Lo, Webelo (VQ).

Looking back on life, you may notice certain “pillars” of faith or seasons of exceptional spiritual growth, often spurred by an individual in your life or an event. Be mindful of the impact your life might have on those around you, in ways you may never even know about. Make the most of each opportunity. Life can be cut short unexpectedly and without warning. Invest in those around you.

Convergence coming up on Memorial Day, 5/27, at The Barracks.