July 31, 2018

CMU Party with Bear Crawls

THE SCENE: Cloudy and low 70’s

Done. No FNG present this morning. Covered the F3 Mission Statement and Core Principles.

SSH-10 IC with feet together at starting point followed by a silent 10 IC. 10 Penalty Burbpees for not finishing silent SSH together. High Knees- 10 IC, Overhead press-10 IC. Mosey with CMU to bathrooms for Flutter kicks- 10 IC with CMU . Mosey with CMU to field for THA-THANG.
Bear Crawl 1-2-3

Partner up for 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, and 300 Squats as a team. Partner 1 starts Merkins while Partner 2 drags or throws the CMU forward while Bear Crawling to the 20 yard line and then repeat in reverse back to start where Partner 1 is. Once completing all Merkins, PAX did CMU curls until all in. This continues for the 200 LBC and 300 Squats.   After Bear Crawl 1-2-3, PAX Lunge Walked with CMU to midfield and help plank until all in. PAX lined up for work with their CMU. CMU Overhead Press- 10 IC, CMU 8 Count Body Builders- 10 IC, and mosey to start for sprints across the field. PAX made several laps with sprints until time for Mary was called at 6:12 am.

  • MARY:
  • Flutter Kicks- 15 IC, Dealers Choice to C Lo for American Hammers- 5 IC

5 PAX, C LO, Skids, Pops, Snowman and Nature Boy
Spoke to PAX about teamwork and getting ready for GROWRUCK. Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.
Prayed for the PAX and the opportunity for another day to get better.

Train for GROWRUCK!!