October 25, 2020

Climbing Houston’s Ladder

October fall briskiness; several HIM (Steiny, Carver, and Floater) got in a pre-run before the workout and Pronto Pup conducted some bidness out in the bush.


Side straddle hop x 30 IC
Abe Vigotas x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers (Knoxville style) x 10 IC

The PAX briefed me on the day to day nature of field accessibility, upon which our workout was based. We took our chances and headed to the field. The street sharks were biting and one nipped me at one of the speed bumps on the way over. Executed a barrel roll like a boss.

We lined up along the end zone of the Houston High School field for a “Jacob’s Ladder” workout consisting of 5 reps on the start line, mosey to mid-field for 10 reps, back to start for 5 more reps, mosey to far end zone for 15 more reps, back to start for 5 more reps of the following exercises (40 reps in total):

– Burpees
– Bonnie Blairs (2 = 1)
– Low Slow Squats
– Shoulder Taps (2 = 1)
– BBSU’s
– Carolina Dry Docks

About 6:00 am, the Houston High School football team hit the field with a couple of laps and some warm-ups and stretches and they were gracious enough to let us stay and use half of the field while they used the other half. Cool moves from some nice coaches but we did wonder why they were out at 6 am on game day…

At 6:05 am, we moseyed back to STARTEX for some Mary. All street sharks were avoided.

Hello Dolly’s x 21 IC
Gas pumpers x 20 IC

5 PAX, Steinbrenner, Pronto Pup (Respect), Carver, Floater, Yardsale

There’s a wonderfully helpful and liberating book that I recommend anyone read who continues to seek personal and psychological freedom, greater happiness and lightness in relationships, and a decrease in personal suffering called The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

I’ve been thinking about agreement number three, Don’t Take Things Personally. Ancient Toltec wisdom advises that nothing that anyone does or doesn’t do has anything to do with you, but everything to do with them. When you stop taking things personally, you become free from needless suffering that we inflict on ourselves when we take offense and ruminate about relationships, communication, and decisions made by others.

Personally, I have The Four Agreements posted next to my bathroom mirror at home and next to my desk at work as a reminder each day of some very simple and easy to remember agreements to make with yourself that you have complete control over. This has helped me reach much greater personal freedom and happiness in my life.

Today, we prayed for the mother of one of our Brothers whose mother is undergoing cancer treatment and we prayed for Pronto Pup to rid himself of what ails him.

Proud of Steinbrenner for his leadership as AOQ at The Levee as he begins his transition to hand over the mantle. Grateful for his request for me to come Q at The Levee where we began his F3 journey together. The F3 lineage of who you EH into the Gloom and who you allow to EH you into the Brotherhood is something fun to connect all of us back to the Founding Fathers who launched our regional organization now three plus years ago.