January 27, 2021

Cleveland Baseball Team Ruck




52 SSH (IC)

12 Richard Simmons (like Daisy Pickers, but fabulous)

14 Lunge Twists (IC)


  1. Indian Ruck with CMU
    1. Around big circle
    2. Down to corner
    3. Over to new walking bridge
    4. Drop CMUs
    5. Across to parking garage
    6. Up and down stairs as many times as necessary
    7. Pick up CMUs
    8. Make way to track
  2. The ‘Nam
    1. Rifle Carry CMU around track
      1. Maintain good form throughout
      2. Be nice to the track surface
      3. The punishment is the point
      4. Complete as many laps as possible
    2. Lowering CMU onto or below the top of your head 
      1. Payment of 22 8-count blockee builders
      2. Reduce payment by 7 for each offense
      3. Reset at 15, 8, 1

Held low plank until time



  1. I highly recommend reading The ONE Thing. It is as practical as it is motivational.
  2. Excerpt: After consulting a number of elderly folks about looking back on their lives: “‘When people look back on their lives, it is the things they have not done that generate the greatest regret… People’s actions may be troublesome initially; it is their inactions that plague them most with long-term feelings of regret.’ Honoring our hopes and pursuing productive lives through faith in our purpose and priorities is the message from our elders. From the wisest position they’ll ever have comes their clearest message. No regrets. So make sure every day to do what matters most. When you know what matters most, everything makes sense. When you don’t know what matters most, anything makes sense.”
  3. Read the book. Use the book. Make the most of your time to love your family and friends and excel at your work and whatever purpose you have in life.


I started with SSH because I hate them. Leading them IC certainly takes the focus off of the discomfort and puts it squarely on counting and breathing. I went just past 50 because we are inclined to stop at 10s. Just as I hoped, I got a good “Oh, shit,” from Bruce when I didn’t stop at 50.

We will do more stairs next time.

Probably could’ve instructed PAX to carry the CMU a certain way during the Indian Ruck. Instead we adjusted the CMU as needed.

The rifle carry and the blockee builders were a great opportunity to “embrace the suck.”

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