June 27, 2019

Circus at the Berm 6-26-19

Date: 06/26/2019

AO: The Berm

VQ: Big Top

PAX: Interweb, Photoshop, Tomb Raider, Lipton, Big Top

THE SCENE:   The dew drenched tall grass beckons us back after the ruck sack beat down Mardi Gras put us through yesterday (Tuesday).  Today we are skipping the tall grass and opting to stay dry in the gym.



Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 15
Daisy Pickers x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Arm Circles Forward x 15
Arm Circles Backward x 15

Mosey to the gym and pick up a few CMU’s on the way.
Workout is 12 stations, each station on your own

45 sec AMRAP / 15 second rest / 3 rounds per station

1. Merkins
2. Pull Ups
3. Reverse Crunches
4. CMU Curls
5. Carolina Dry Docks
6. American Hammers
7. Big Boy Situps
8. CMU Step Up Across
9. Mountain Climbers
10. CMU Upright Row
11. Dips on bench
12. Plank

No time for Mary today


5 PAX, Interweb, Photoshop, Tomb Raider, Lipton, Big Top, and no FNG’s


Sharing a word that I am trying to keep  top of mind.
1 Peter 3:7


Photoshop promoted this with circus graphics but there are no high wire acts today, maybe next time.  For next time make up some high wire exercises and put the bars in the gym to use.  Fresh off his return from Panama (the country) Interweb went and got sick on us.  We are still not sure if it was something I said, if he picked a parasite in Panama, or just stood too close to Tomb Raider.


Next Thursday July 4 there is a convergence at the Mothership at 5:30am.
Special Father’s and kids convergence on Saturday July 6 at the Mothership.  Check the time before you post.