October 10, 2020

Circuit Work @ #AO-Mothership 10/10/20


  • Dark, not too cold and rainy…  just perfect for a boot-camp style workout.

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer:  ☑️


  • SSH 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers 10 IC
  • Arm Circles 10 IC (forward and backward)

Before we could get started with The THANG, we owed 10 burpees because the wind knocked the flag down, which I was surprised because I thought Tremor did one heck of a job using two bungees to secure the flag.

We stayed in the parking lot for The THANG, so no mosey to get started.  I gave a brief run-down of the circuit exercises and format of the workout.


Circuit Work

  • The goal is to STAY MOVING, and to complete 2 rounds of Circuits 1-4, then Rinse & Repeat Circuit 5 until all in or 7:50.
  • Your competing against yourself; push yourself and stay moving.

Circuit 1:

  • 25 Merkins
  • 25 Durkens
  • 25 Merkins w/L hand on CMU
  • 25 Merkins w/L hand on CMU
  • Mosey to the lake and back w/CMU

Circuit 2:

  • 25 Forward Lunges w/CMU (walking or stationary)
  • 25 Thrusters w/CMU
  • 50 Squats w/CMU
  • Mosey to the lake and back w/CMU

Circuit 3:

  • 25 KB Swings w/CMU
  • 25 Upright Rows or Alpos
  • 25 OH Presses
  • 25 Skull Crushers (standing or laying down)
  • Mosey to the lake and back w/CMU

Circuit 4:

  • 50 Curls w/CMU
  • 50 Dips on the bench by the lake… take CMU
  • Mosey back to the parking lot…

After 2 rounds of Circuits 1-4 are completed, proceed to Circuit 5 and Rinse & Repeat UAI

Circuit 5:  Rinse & Repeat UAI or 7:50

  • 10 Blockees
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 KB Swings
  • 30 Squats w/CMU
  • 20 OH Presses w/CMU
  • Mosey to the lake and back w/CMU


  • 50 LBCs OYO
  • 25 LBCs R-Side OYO
  • 25 LBCs L-Side OYO
  • Heels to Heaven 15 IC
  • Flutter Kicks 10 IC
  • Pickle Pounders 10 IC
  • Low Plank until 8AM

Tremor informed us the flag fell again, so we did 10 more burpees

Count-O-Rama, Nam-O-Rama:

  • Count:  7 PAX
  • PAX:  Tremor, Chef, Croissant, Paper-Trail, Orange Julius, Rabbit and Paper-Cut
  • FNG:  None
  • QIC:  Paper-Cut


  • Message:  The grind is in front of us from a weather perspective.  It’s going to get colder and your might catch yourself contemplating fart sacking more often than the warmer months with nicer weather.  We have 19 AOs and each having an AOQ and QIC that is committed to being there in rain, heat, cold or snow.  Lightening is the show stopper.  Keep posting to continue supporting your F3 brothers.  Aye.
  • Prayer Requests:  Pray for the safety for all the F3 brothers traveling to Louisville this weekend, and pray that they have a great time and enjoy to the fullest all 3 Fs.
  • Prayer ☑️


  • Congrats to Paper-Trail’s first 345!  💯💪🏼
  • Orange Julius gave us the run down on the format of past GoRuck events and encouraged us to go in the future because it is a really good time.

Mole Skin:

  • I should have reduced the reps on circuits 1-4 so we had a realistic chance to complete 2 full rounds.  Circuit 1 was tough, which I called an audible to reduce Circuit 1 to 10 reps each exercise for rd. 2, but only for Circuit 1.  This way we would have a chance at completing 2 rounds.  Most of the PAX made it to Circuit 3 in Round 2, and a few were putting in work in Circuit 4 when we stopped at 7:50.  No one made it to Circuit 5 to Rinse & Repeat UAI or 7:50, but we did complete 10 Blockees at 7:50 to close out the circuits before Mary.
  • If you were counting your OH presses, you should have gotten 110 reps with a 30lb CMU.  Paper-Trail makes a good case as he lifted his CMU over is head on the KB swings so maybe he’ll catch a break and get to add 50 more reps to hit 160 reps this morning.

Pic:  ☑️

PLC:  ☑️ 6/7 – Rabbit had to bounce quickly.

Workout Date: