August 5, 2019

Circle(s) of Pain

THE SCENE: Beauty-Ful! shy on numbers, but big on heart.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes, sir! Welcomed a F3 Roanoke brother (Hot, Hot, Hot = HC3) who was obviously ready to work.

Arm circles x 20, Reverse AC x 20, DPs x 10 IC, IWs x 20 IC

Circle(s) of Pain

Circle 1 (Big Grassy Circle)

PAX circle up around perimeter.
20 Merkins oyo, Bear Crawl across.
30 LBCs oyo, Bear Crawl across.
40 SSH oyo, Hold Al Gore until All In.
Mosey to Circle 2

Circle 2 (Sand Pit)
Half PAX go in sand pit, do 5 sand burpees oyo while remaining
circle around outer edge doing 10 Jump Squats.
Once all in, swap and Repeat. 3 rounds each.
Mosey to Circle 3.

Circle 3 (slides + hills)
PAX line up in base. Some took advantage of the slides for mode of transport down. Aww yeah!
All PAX run backwards up hill in a line then run counterclockwise to ramp.  Lunge walk down ramp. Do 5 box jumps on benches, hold Al Gore til all in.
Rinse and Repeat x 3. Mosey to Circle 4.

Circle 4 (dips and derks)
Half PAX do 10 Derkins on steps, other half do 20 dips on benches.
Hold plank or dip til all in.
Swap and Repeat. 3 rounds each.
Mosey to playground parking, then Indian Run back to start.

Got back a little quicker than expected and since my mind was on IMPOSSIBLE things, YHC informed PAX we would be doing a modified 11s to 50s

50s – 49 LBCs, bear crawl across parking lot, 1 Squat, backpedal to start.
Rinse & Repeat with 1 less LBC, 1 more Squat.
Our Willy Loman beat QiC to 40 by 1. Ended there due to time and a little mercy.

Freddy Mercury x 30 IC
SSH x 30 IC
Hold plank for 2 minutes, while each PAX shared what they’re thankful for.

9 PAX, 0 FNG, 1 Willy Loman (HC3, short form for Hot, Hot, Hot or Hot Cubed): Ratio, Orange Julius, Logger, Watchita, Big Top, Dawson, Webelo, Photoshop (QiC + AOQ for a Day)

No Record of Wrong
Forgiveness can get complicated in marriage relationships. We think if we forgive our spouse for what they did, they might feel they got off easy and not learn their lesson and do the same thing again. We think if we forgive our spouse for what they did, it doesn’t let them know how much they hurt us. We complicate forgiveness by having our own agenda instead of God’s agenda. We think, “if God really knew what my spouse did, He would understand. God doesn’t expect me to forgive that does He?” When we withhold forgiveness from our spouse, it can give us a false sense of power. We have something they want. We have control of when we say, “I forgive you.” All of this might make sense in a movie or a television drama, but in a Christian marriage, no.

The truth is that God is God and we are not. God tells us to forgive. It’s not a “when you are ready,” or “when they have suffered enough” forgiveness. It’s forgive because I forgave you. It’s a Calvary hill forgiveness. Somehow in the midst of our hurt, we forget about that. We forget that Jesus gave His life so we could be forgiven. Our role is to forgive. What happens next is up to our spouse and to God.

I know this for certain: When a person withholds forgiveness from their spouse, it never affects the spouse as much as it does the unforgiving person. God did not create us to be judges. That is His role and He is ever just and fair. In your marriage, be quick to forgive and resolve issues. It’s what God tells us to do.

El Baño and Trinity’s marriage and journey in Tanzania
F3 growth and strength

HC3 from Roanoke was LEGIT! No complaining and pushed us to #dobetter

Webelo shared – Run for One 5k in Colliervile at The Lair, Johnson Park.
Check Slack for details.