October 24, 2018

Circle of Death


50 degrees, cool, clear sky, bright full moon.


Did it including sharing the mission of F3 (and did it a second time for the few late arrivals)


  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • Windmill (IC) – 15
  • Hill Billies (IC) – 15
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Mosey lap around parking lot


Mosey to swing set on playground.
Form 2 lines at the swing set
  • Person in front does AMRAP pull-ups – get at least 3!!! (with assistance from 2nd person in line)
  • All other pax do SSH while waiting
  • Once first pax had finished pull-ups, head to back of line and let next person hop up.
  • We had to switch to the rings because the swing set was a little too tall for a few PAX.
  • Everyone got through their line twice.
Mosey back to parking lot and circle up (***I stole this workout idea from Soulja Boy***)
I had wooden blocks in a circle, each with the name of a different exercise. We had 18 different blocks. 9 total PAX. Each PAX got behind every other block. There were CMU’s at some stations, depending on the exercise.
The PAX behind the “CMU lap” block would grab a CMU and start walking around the parking lot island with the CMU held overhead. While they did that, all other PAX got started on their individual exercises. Once the PAX carrying the CMU around the island got half way, he would yell “switch” and the PAX in the circle would rotate one station clockwise and begin on the next exercise.
Once the PAX walking around the island got back to the circle, all PAX would shift again one station to the right and the next PAX in line would grab the CMU and start for his lap. The circle had the following exercises in the following order:
    • CMU Lap around island
    • Mummy kicks
    • Shoulder shrugs (2 CMU’s)
    • Reverse curls (CMU)
    • Overhead arm claps
    • Dips (2 CMU’s)
    • Derkins (feet on 2 CMU’s)
    • Baby diaper hold (CMU)
    • Bent over lat rows (CMU)
    • Squats (CMU)
    • Curls (CMU)
    • Reverse lunges (CMU)
    • Trap raises (CMU)
    • Jumping lunges
    • Overhead shoulder press (CMU)
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Kettle bell swings (CMU)
    • Monkey humpers

Once all PAX got completely through the rotation, we took a short mosey lap around the parking lot.

Then we did it all over again – this time YHC challenged the PAX to move faster around the island (this time the BIG island, not just the small one in the middle) so we could get all the way through the circle one more time. We did it and had just enough time left for some Mary!


  • American Hammer with CMU (IC) – 15
  • BBSU with feet in CMU – 10 OYO
  • Hello Dalai Lama (IC) – 10


9 – Dewey, ISS, Bottomless, Park bench, Mighty Joe Young, Doc Hollywood, Mirage, DeVito (FNG), Handsy (QIC)


Psalm 145:13 – “The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works.”
I’ve felt convicted lately of my lack of kindness toward others, particularly towards my kids, and often expressed through sarcasm.
This passage doesn’t mean that the Lord is never angry or never disciplines or is never hard on his people. But even in those things it is done with kindness.
And if he has treated us with kindness when we don’t deserve it and even in his anger at times, then we can surely show that same kindness to others as a reflection of our love for him.
It doesn’t mean we’re soft or never address hard things, it just means we do it in a way that is helpful and kind and builds up.


Great group of HIM this morning! 

2nd F Lunch at Whole Foods Friday to discuss Q source. APFT Friday at the Barracks. All that and more found in the weekly pre-blast HERE.