July 1, 2019

Chumbawamba Merkins @ The Levee

THE SCENE: It was I forgot to check degrees, at the start, and extremely humid. A caravan of cars rolling into the park around 5:25 to defend the KOTB flag.

25 SSH – IC

Chumbawamba Merkins: Played the song “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba, while the group held high plank. Every time they sang the line “I get knocked down” we went to the down position for a merkin. When they sang “But I get up again,” we would return to high plank position.  3:30 of planking, with 26 merkins mixed in. (This was far more difficult than I anticipated, but very successful in getting our arms warmed up)
3 stations. AMRAP. PAX did 15 reps at each station in the first round, with a mosey between each station. 14 reps at each station in round 2, 13 reps in round 3, etc.

  • Station 1: Curl with CMU into overhead shoulder press, complete the down part of the curl for one rep
  • Station 2: Merkins
  • Station 3:  Upright row with CMU

Guantanamo. PAX in circle on their 6, legs at 90 degrees. 1st person goes around throwing all legs down to hold at 6″, next person comes around right behind him and throws them back up to 90 degrees. All the way around the circle, until everyone has gone. (I tried to start a second lap, and the group was having none of it)

American Hammers IC  x15

Hello Dolly  IC x15

Pickle Pounders  IC x20
33 PAX (7 FNGs)

Lochte (QIC), SlicNut, Halpert, CapriSun, Boudreaux, Snowman, Coach K, Chastain, Spirit Stick, Rooter, Roots, Captain Obvious, Pops, Fishnet, Nissan, Pablo, Blank Stare, Rabbit, Hello Kitty, Meter Maid, Sully, Beetus, Dialup, Ball Boy, Pronto Pup, Nature Boy,  FNG: Double Vision, Thin Mint, Dry Rub, Dopey, Boomer, Blue Screen, Good Hands.

Don’t be afraid to lean on your F3 brothers for support/guidance. This is a great community of men that have showed over and over they are ready to help a brother in need. Do not feel like you need to handle everything life throws at you all by yourself.
The goal of today’s workout was to keep everybody moving the whole time, and get the arms ready for ‘Sun’s out, Gun’s out’ on the 4th. These guys killed it today! Seven FNGs, in what was decidedly NOT an FNG friendly workout, and everybody stayed after it til the very end.