October 14, 2019

Chuck Norris and Colt 45s

THE SCENE: Generally awesome fall weather somewhere in the 40s.  It was not a miserable sweaty mess as soon as you step foot outside your vehicle, and this was a great thing.


Yep.  Done.


  • SSH IC x 15

  • Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (forward and backward)

  • Shoulder Scissors IC x 10

Rucked up and headed to first wooden rail on the outer driving loop for the following exercises:

  •  Chuck Norris Derkins x 25 (minus ruck) OYO
  •  Squats (with ruck) IC x 15
  • Colt 45s using ruck OYO

Rucked to next destination which was the last wooden rail barrier on the bridge near the ball fields

  •  Incline Merkins with rucks x 15 IC
  •  Squat ruck press IC x 10

Rucked up and headed toward main entrance to The Morg.  Where the pavement begins to start to incline, we lunged up the hill until we reached the gazebo to the left. At the main entrance to The Morg, PAX had the task to carry their own ruck as a coupon however they wished (minus on the back), back to startex.

Core work was done.

  • Bay City Scissors IC x 10
  •  Hello Dolly IC x 10
  •  Flutter Kicks IC x 10

BAM! (QIC), Birds-R-Real, Choker, Dawson, Granola, O’Reilly, Rabbit, Soulja Boy, Woodpecker

Shared personal testimony of a friend who EHd me into F3 and talked about the importance of investing in the lives of other men.  Keep up the good work, PAX and keep reaching out!  Prayed for Birds-R-Real’s M and Rabbit’s M.

Never call SSHs Jumping Jacks.  That’s what FiA does.  (This also settles the nerves of a first Q.)