December 28, 2018

Christmas with the WON’T Crank

THE SCENE: A cool and gloomy Morg with a small yellow car conspicuously parked in the distance. (12/21/2018)

Cross Jacks 60x IC
Abe Vigodas 10x IC
Red Bull Smurf Jacks 20x IC
Indian Run to car push startex

Car B.O.M.B.S
Basically B.O.M.B.S behind a car that is being pushed forward. And safety, safety, safety!

12 PAX – 5 teams – 1 loner (the QIC) – 1 Official Chauffeur (PhP)

Burpees – 50
Outlaws –100 (a bump up from Overhead Claps)
Merkins – 150
Big Boy Sit-ups – 200
Squats –250

Bodies weighing…let’s say some more than others and a 1980 Canary Yellow Triumph Spitfire weighing 1,600lbs.

PAX divided into teams of 2. Each team took turns pushing the car 2 lampposts forward while the remaining teams did B.O.M.B.S.. So 4 teams on B.O.M.B.S. and 1 team on car push at any given time. All teams advanced forward when car reached next designated lamppost. I jumped in where I could and Phat Pat valiantly over came his injuries and managed to steer the car for the entire Thang.

Map of indian run and car push.

Little Baby Flutter Crunches 16x IC
Reverse Crunches 16x IC
Plank till end (@2mins)

12 PAX – Sleep Number, Laettner, Commie, Potiphar, Tree Hugger, The Streak, Granola, Woodpecker, Choker, Orange Julius, Phat Pat, Mr. Wonderful (QIC).

“Life is a lot like pushing that car today. It can be hard, painful, and filled with freeloaders.” That was my icebreaker for the PAX in the CoT as we circled around the little yellow car. PhP, still reclined inside the Spit and being a good sport, forced a laugh that came natural to the rest of us. But the real point here is that life can be painful and it can suck but we should push through the trials anyway, carry a load, because in so doing lies your purpose and to quit is to lose it.

The mumblechatter for this entire Q was YUGE. From the PAX badmouthing PhP for not showing up, to Sleep Number complaining about having to follow instructions, to Potiphar and The Streak almost killing our Chauffeur for his snide remarks, to Granola constantly Qing the QIC, to team A complaining about feeling “friction” just before accidentally push starting the car, and I could go on. The takeaway here is twofold. Firstly, it is obvious that we finally found the perfect F3 role for Phat Pat: an Irritant Q who does no actual work. Secondly and in Sleep Number’s defense, the verbal instructions were convoluted at best yet the PAX took the initiative and turned a wanting VQ into an epic one. Strong work!