December 13, 2018

Christmas Cards Relay

THE SCENE: Dry, dark, and about 37 Degrees
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Yes to the Welcome, eventually gave Disclaimer (see BeloW)
SSH-35 , WindMills – 15, Little Baby Arm Circles Forward – 10, Little Baby Arm Circles reverse – 10, Imperial Walkers- 15, DISCLAIMER, then Hill Billies- 15,  Free Stretch for 45 seconds, then Power Skipped the length of the Parking Lot 2 times. 

Moseyed to the Playground and split PAX into groups of 3 (families) for the F3 Card Deck (Christmas Cards) relay routine. 1 PAX would draw a card from the deck, then the entire group of PAX would complete the exercise AMRAP. While exercising, each “family” would have 1 PAX running on the track. Once the PAX returned from running to the “family”, the next PAX would run. The first family to have all members complete the run would get to draw the next card from the deck. Then, Rinse and Repeat. We completed 4 rounds.

Exercises drawn from card deck:

  • Hand Clap Merkins (YHC decided to do 10, then switch to regular Merkins)
  • American Hammer
  • Smurf Jacks (YHC decided to switch from running around the track to running to the end of the parking lot)
  • Calf Raises

After completing the relay, YHC called for each PAX to complete 10 Burpees, then we Bear Crawled back to the flag.

All Mary was IC: Flutter Kicks- 30, LOL’s -10 each side, James Bond for 10 seconds each pointing forward, right, left, and then 20 seconds up. Finally, YHC called for 30 seconds of American Hammer…cause our abs were hurting.

11 PAX No FNG’s
YHC read Philippians 2:3-9 with PAX. Then, shared how serving others is the call and not to serve others out of selfish ambition. Since YHC is in ministry, there is a tension between serving others and then serving others to advance career. YHC challenged PAX to serve as Christ served, humbly as a servant willing to die..even death on a cross.

When running a relay and doing AMRAP exercises, the relay distance should be short.

Looking for beds and linens for a family in Binghamton. If you want to donate, talk to Bottomless.

Friday lunch between OF PAX and LEVEE PAX. Check Slack for details