December 24, 2019

Christmas Canoodling

THE SCENE: A little Cold. No precipitations at all.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given after reminder from AOQ

WARM-O-RAMA: We hand picked a Christmas tree with 20 daisy pickers. Then we decorated the tree with our favorite star wars ornaments.            (20 Imperial Walkers) Later that day some carolers dropped by and when they finished we congratulated them with 20 overhead claps and 20 seal claps. After a long day of christmasing we went to bed very tired, but pulling those blankets up around you. (Boat Canoe on my Count) WAKE UP its christmas morning. WE DID 25 SIDE STRADDLE HOPS IN PURE DELIGHT.


  • Start with the presents. Go around the circle twice. Run the heart each time we finish

For the first opening session only the person who opens the present has to do the exercise and everybody does Carolina dry docks. If I have enough time we open the presents again and everybody does the workout.

  • After the presents we mosey you to the playground
  • When we get there we take turns doing pull-ups and doing one of my workouts based on PAX

Even: we do more arms (CDDs HRMs THBs)

Odd: we do core(BBSUs FMs FKs)

We had an even number but everybody was hurting after the intense single round of presents.

MARY: We did More freddie mercurys and more flutter kicks. I was gonna do some Power merkins.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: We had eight PAX; Gomer, Grimace, Gun Show, Couch Patato, Tremor, Sonic, Speedy, Pillsbury

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: This season is hectic. Even though we are surrounded by family and friends make sure the time spent with them is quality time. Don’t miss the action because you got caught up in the fact that a lot is going on. So what I’m trying to say try to slow yourself down.


Workout Date: