January 30, 2021

Celebration Station

46 degrees, cloudy, a few intermittent sprinkles. Lots of beautiful shovel flags flapping in the breeze when I pulled up. Lots of vehicles parked already. Mother-rucker had quite a turnout.


Welcomed and disclaimed. All seasoned PAX, no FNGs. Covered a few of the F3 core principles: this workout is free of charge, open to all men, held outdoors rain or shine fire or ice, and I’ll be participating in the workout with you. I’m not a professional. You are here voluntarily and you know your body’s limits, so do the best you can, but you are responsible for your own well-being. Modify the exercise if you need to. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Let’s get started with some fitness.

SSH IC x10

Merkin x15

Bird Dog x10

Double Leg Bridge x10

Pre-Count = 29

Mozy 1 lap (*So QIC can do math in his head on how to split PAX up for tha-thang. Oh boy.)

Partner up with someone two people your size and stand together. Teams of 3 take positions at each of 10 stations. (*Yeah, this came back to bite some smaller teams in tug-of-war. Oops!)

Stations were down and back over ≈ 30 yard distance:​

1. Flip Rail Road Tie end over end (116 lbs.)
2. Carry CMU in each hand (26 and 27 lbs.)
3. Carry Cement Paver (56 lbs.)
4. Carry Telephone Pole (73 lbs.)
5. Carry Boulder (91 lbs.)
6. Dirtbag Toss (65 lbs. *I think it was 70 when we started.)
7. Tire Sled Drag (82 lbs.)
8. Kettlebell Farmer Carry (41 lbs.)
9. BFT [Big F3 Tire] flip (224 lbs.)
10. Tug-of-War / Battle Rope (50’)

@Choker gave us a 20ish count of flutter kicks IC.

@Tackleberry held us in low plank for about 45 seconds.

@Tremor brought the pain with about 20 A-Rods IC.

Post-count = 29 PAX; 0 FNG

Barnum RESPECT, Cantore, Chef 345, Chimney Sweep, Choker, Couch Potato, Croissant, Hobo 345, Landline 345, Mudpants RESPECT, Nature Boy, O Positive RESPECT, Paper Trail, Photoshop, Prince Ali, Rabbit, Roots, Shy Guy, Slater, Snookie, Squeegee RESPECT, Tackleberry, Toby, Tomb Raider, Tremor, Vengeance, Wheezer, Yardsale, and Bo Peep VQIC

I’m reading Tender Warrior by Stu Weber.

In one chapter, he spoke of men as providers and he called special attention to the word provision, which we often think of as providing food, clothing, and shelter. But broken down it’s pro- as in before, and -vision, as in sight. He said it’s about looking ahead, giving direction, anticipating needs, defining the destination. When I reflected on this, I saw where I often focus on performing the task of work in order to provide things for my family. I would like to change that, and lead my family toward defined destinations. For starters, a deeper bond with my wife, strong character for my son, and a confident inner beauty for my daughter. PAX encouraged to reflect and consider doing the same.

It was a lot of fun preparing this workout. Kind of nerve wracking not knowing how many PAX to expect. The plan was tweaked at about 6:55 AM. Looking back, it definitely worked out better.

Glad to see the PAX adapt when faced with bottleneck spots. I saw a lot of extra work being put in as they waited their turns. Some extra toys were brought out by @Barnum. The tire sled turned into a timed drag race competition; you could smell the rubber burning! Tug of War morphed into Battle Rope. I saw a lot of smiles, laughs, and the requisite heavy breathing.  @Tomb Raider said it felt like a playground for men; that led me to the title, Celebration Station, for those that remember that place. 

Chef, Landline, and Hobo completed 345!

Special thanks to @High Note and @Pup Tent for filming. @Wheezer is working on the plan for the premiere of the Hype Video once it is complete. TClaps to @Halfpipe and @Paper Trail for valuable feedback on today’s plan.

Bo Peep
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